Edmonton Writer and Filmmaker | Brandon Rhiness | Raises Funds For Film I’m Haunted

There is so much about Brandon Rhiness.  Here is what is on his IMDb page: Brandon Rhiness is a writer and filmmaker from Edmonton, Canada. He also writes and publishes comic books and graphic novels through Higher Universe Comics, a company he co-founded. Brandon has written in various genres and mediums including film, TV, reality and […]


Mileydi Cristancho is Mrs Mexico | The International Platform of World Noble Queen Canada and Allied Countries had the pleasure to interview MileydiCristancho. With multiple skills in videography, photography, modelling and coaching, Mileydi is a  mother to a very beautiful three-year-old and a friend of She is very down to earth, hard-working and helpful.  The interview highlighted the truth: “If you set your mind, you can do it". In the conversation, what came across was […]

Yoleen Naidoo

Yoleen Naidoo | Founder, Coffee of Encouragement | The Speech That May Change Your Life – Overcoming Battles

This speech has been published with permission from the author: Yoleen Naidoo.  I was asked to talk at the Swazi Canadian International Foundation on how I am making such a huge difference in the community. Instead of speaking on the things I have done. I decided to speak on how I became a whole person, reached […]