Tim Hortons App violated privacy laws
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Tim Hortons App Violated Privacy Laws

The four privacy authorities recommended that Tim Hortons:

Delete any remaining location data and direct third-party service providers to do the same;
Establish and maintain a privacy management program that: includes privacy impact assessments for the app and any other apps it launches; creates a process to ensure information collection is necessary and proportional to the privacy impacts identified;  ensures that privacy communications are consistent with, and adequately explain app-related practices; and
Report back with the details of measures it has taken to comply with the recommendations.

Tim Hortons agreed to implement the recommendations.

Two Black led organisations get $5.4 million to support Black entreprenuers
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Canadian Imperial Advantage and BIPOC Foundation get $5.4 million to support Black Entrepreneurs

The Government of Canada is continuing to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem for Canada’s Black entrepreneurs and business owners. The Black Entrepreneurship Program’s National Ecosystem Fund supports not-for-profit Black-led organizations to develop new services or expand those they already offer. These organizations provide mentorship, networking opportunities, financial planning and training for entrepreneurs, enabling businesses to grow and create quality jobs. The organisations are Canadian Imperial Advantage and BIPOC Foundation,

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What the ‘freedom convoy’ reveals about the ties among politics, police and the law

The continuing influx of cash suggests the “freedom convoy” goes beyond some fringe elements of society. For perspective, consider that in 2021, the NDP in Alberta raised $6.2 million in 2021; it’s the highest fundraising ever, while the United Conservatives generated $3.8 million.

The “freedom convoy” is money-generating machinery that rivals several established political parties. Such serious cash means organizers can mobilize effectively and provide supplies to prolong the protest. This wears out law enforcement capacity.

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Women in the Wintertime: A Struggle for Beauty

Manifesting this self-reflection and self-appreciation takes more than a conversation. It also takes self-love. Women are at risk of developing eating disorders and are most targeted by social impositions of beauty standards. In light of this, this holiday season, take a moment to consider yourself and your relationships with others. Consider your family and friends’ relationships with food and whether someone you love is experiencing an eating disorder. Develop empathy, compassion, and social cohesion with those around you as you grow, learn and adapt together.

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Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls: An Introduction to Genocide

This narrative of Canada is manufactured for good reason, no sovereign nation would willingly admit to ongoing genocide against Indigenous Peoples, including First Nations, Inuit and Métis, which especially targets women, girls, and 2SLGBTQQIA people. Without genuine and persistent accountability by provincial and federal governments, there will be no justice for Indigenous peoples.

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Harassment Against Racialized, Muslim Women

Provincial, municipal, and federal governments have failed to advocate against gender-based violence against religious and ethnic minorities. Missing from national media and feminist organizations are efforts to bring awareness and support to violence against women, including intersections of racial and religious conflict. These intersectional lenses, unfortunately, are not appealing to Albertans and Canadians experiencing post 9/11 impacts. Canada’s no-fly list disrupted and traumatized Arabs across Canada and reflected the country’s intense political will to enforce institutional racism blatantly.

LCCMedia's Panels with Mary Thomas
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Reflections from September 30 | The Role of Non-Indigenous People

We invited Mary Thomas to chair a panel to discuss the role and response of non-indigenous people to the residential school trauma. The panelists were the Chair of the Anti-Racism Advisory Committee Shalini Sinha, Councillor Aaron Paquette and Davina Mcleod. The panel hoped to be able to get real with reconciliation. Sinha spoke about recognising and acknowledging the stereotypes and then consciously re-learning the misinformation we have been taught about indigenous people