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Anti-racism grant program applications open for 2024

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The City of Edmonton is excited to announce the launch of this year’s Anti-racism Grant Program.

A total of $1.395 million in grant funding is available to local community and not-for-profit organizations. Approved by the City Council, this funding supports the Anti-racism pillar of the City’s Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) Strategy.

This program aims to support projects and initiatives that increase awareness of racism and its impacts, aid community organizations in dismantling individual and structural racism, and contribute to building a diverse, inclusive, and equitable city.

For 2024, the Anti-racism Grant Program includes four funding streams:

1. Community Activation (Up to $15,000 per project, with $325,000 in total funding available)
– Designed for communities and grassroots organizations to activate and animate projects/events led by and supporting youth and/or seniors. Priority is given to intercultural and intergenerational anti-racist initiatives.

2. Local Anti-racism Capacity Building/Innovation (Up to $30,000 per project, with $400,000 in total funding available)
– Focused on grassroots organizations working on anti-racism activities that address participation barriers, promote healing and reconciliation, combat structural racism, and support sustainable developmental change. Examples include relationship-building with other affected communities, uplifting the stories of those impacted by racism, and conducting community needs assessments.

3. Local Community Participatory Action Research (Up to $40,000 per project, with $320,000 in total funding available)
– Intended for communities impacted by racism to support community-led research activities addressing local issues and concerns specific to their communities.

4. Shifting the Perspective (Up to $50,000 per project, with $350,000 in total funding available)
– Specifically for not-for-profit organizations in the media sector, this stream supports projects that promote stories led by underrepresented communities to shift the narrative on racism.

The deadline for applications is Thursday, September 12, 2024.

The CSWB Grant Program fosters a more inclusive and compassionate city by supporting initiatives that improve equity, end poverty, eliminate racism, progress toward truth and reconciliation, foster safe and inclusive spaces, enhance crime prevention and crisis intervention, and boost the overall well-being of Edmontonians.


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