Premier Jason Kenney
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Premier Jason Kenney optimistic for Alberta after resignation announcement

“This is a critical time in Alberta’s history. We are determined to keep our eye on the ball, to continue to lead Canada in economic growth, the job creation, to keep our commitments, to fight for a stronger Alberta”.

“Just last week, we won a historic victory at the Alberta Court of Appeal in the central part of our strategy for a stronger Alberta, which was the four to one decision striking down Justin Trudeau’s No More Pipelines pipelines law, Bill C-69”.

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Sisterhood of the Travelling Paperwork

With over 2 million applications in Canada’s immigration backlog, more support should be given to racialized women and children. Despite the current geopolitics conflicts in Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Russia, there are countless global conflicts that fail to meet the media’s standards. The Tigray genocide in northern Ethiopia, the Darfur genocide in South Sudan, and even Canada’s domestic genocide of Indigenous women and children takes the backseat as they embody racialized peoples. Banding together as peoples already safe and inhabiting Canada is key to pushing for accessible, affordable, and reasonable processing of Canadian immigration applications.

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs
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Alberta Women Entrepreneurs and Community Futures Network of Alberta receive $3million

Alberta’s government is investing $6 million in grant funding for business loans aimed at supporting and empowering women entrepreneurs by providing them with more access to capital. The loan program provides low-interest business loans and business advisory supports to women entrepreneurs.

Loans accessed through this grant will be administered by Alberta Women Entrepreneurs and Community Futures Network of Alberta. Each organization will receive $3 million in grant funding through the Women’s Economic Recovery – Capital Growth Initiative.

Mayor Amarjeet Sohi
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Mixed reactions to Mayor Sohi’s first State of the City Speech

He had strong words for the provincial government:

“We need our provincial government to step up because tackling houselessness, mental health, addictions and trauma is their responsibility. They need to show up for our most vulnerable. People’s human dignity and our economic recovery depends on it”. 

He highlighted the inequities Edmonton has suffered under the UCP government:

“From 2007 to 2021, Edmonton has received $1.1B less compared to Calgary under the MSI and Basic Municipal Transportation funding”. 

“Edmonton is a regional hub for social services. We carry a disproportionate burden providing servicing to Alberta’s most vulnerable for which we receive no recognition or financial support”. 

“Every year, Edmonton loses $14M in tax revenue because our provincial government is not paying its fair share of property taxes on the buildings they occupy.”

“In the past 3 years, our world-renowned University of Alberta has faced the largest budget cuts of any post-secondary in the province. Now totaling $222 million, stifling innovation and hurting students”.

Leslyn Lewis is one of the six candidates at the Edmonton Convention Centre on May 11
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Leslyn Lewis in Edmonton tonight for CPC Leaders Debate

Elusive to media chats, Leslyn Lewis is the only female and BIPOC candidate in the race. According to  her website: “she believes that Canada is only strong when all Canadians have a voice, and where we can all unite in forging a Canada where we all have an equal opportunity to optimize our potential.  This is a goal that sees all Canadians as equal under the law: where race, religion, creed, orientation, and political affiliation are no longer used to divide us”.

Information and Learning Sessions with Procurement Assistance Canada
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Information and Learning Sessions with Procurement Assistance Canada

  Join representatives of Procurement Assistance Canada on a a live demo workshop on supplier registration and finding federal procurement opportunities. Scope of workshop Registering and creating a strong profile as a supplier through Procurement Canada Navigating Goods and Services Identification Number (GSIN) codes Live registrations will be completed in real time. To benefit from […]

Bassili, Monica writes a weekly column for
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For the Love of Mothers! | Monica Bassili

With this in mind, it is essential to reevaluate and re-envision your relationship with your mother. Although cliche and overused, we truly only have one set of parents and failing to award them the compassion and time to see their perspectives may only cause you more harm in the long term. For me, even those I have been gone for four years, the pain and anger never left without taking the time to talk with them and realize that they did the best they could. Such an example is not only helpful to Mother’s Day but for the rest of your life. No matter how far you run, the pain in your heart for the harm caused by your parents stays with you.

Edmonton Compost Giveaway starts May 8
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Edmonton Compost Giveaway starts May 8

“City of Edmonton Compost is graded Category A, meaning it is suitable for landscaping, gardening, tree and shrub planting and top dressing. It creates a tremendous soil conditioner that can help your gardens grow. In 2021, over 10,000 residents picked up 1,418 tonnes of compost from the Ambleside and Kennedale Eco Stations.”

The City is asking “people to bring their own shovel, pail(s) container(s) and or bag(s). The maximum amount of compost that can be collected is 100 litres (approx. 67 kg), which is equivalent to five 20 litre (five gallon) pails, two 50 litre plastic tubs, or two regular-sized garbage bags. To lift compost safely into a vehicle, it is recommended to have another person help. If using the bed of a truck, be sure to secure the material with a tarp”.

New Mobile Washrooms for Edmonton
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New mobile washrooms for Edmonton

These mobile public washrooms are being installed this week and will be staffed with attendants from Boyle Street Ventures (Hire Good) who will oversee their use and maintenance to help ensure a positive user experience. The washrooms will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. until October 31, 2022. During special events, such as the hockey playoffs, the mobile washrooms located downtown will be open extended hours. 

Les Femmes et la Francophonie Albertaine
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Les Femmes et la Francophonie Albertaine

Quand j’ai habité à Vancouver, ça semblait qu’il y avait plus d’opportunités francophones. Une raison importante est la connexion avec les immigrants francophones et les peuples Indigènes. Les deux groupes ont un problème systémique ainsi que la colonisation qui se transmet autour du monde. Donc, l’anglais et le français sont les langues primaires selon les immigrants et peuples Indigènes.