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Canada announces funding for women and girls’ health and rights

At a reception with MSI Reproductive Choices, MP Kayabaga announced a $10-million allocation for MSI for the “Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights project” – also part of Canada’s SheSOARS initiative – to help reach thousands of women and girls in Africa, Asia and Latin America each year with lifesaving sexual and reproductive health services.

Finding bras that fit with TheBraGirl

Its founder, Bukola Adedeji, is passionate about helping women find the right bras for their bust and body types. She not only makes it easy for girls and women of all shapes and sizes to get comfortable support, she also provides awareness on how to use undergarments as tools of productivity in everyday life.

Photocredit: Jacqueline Biollo

A Barbie Named Believe |Jacqueline Biollo, MBA, ICD.D

Find ways to go after your dreams, feel more vital than ever, and practice new approaches to showing up for yourself and your life. Write down what you want to accomplish. Resign yourself to work hard, find motivation and willpower, and break each goal down into smaller ones so that you can stay positive, even with setbacks, to succeed.

Help Relief to Albertans

Help Relief for Albertans | Alberta News

The Temporary Rent Assistance Benefit provides a subsidy for low-income working households or those between jobs. Support is available for up to two years to help tenants afford their rent while they stabilize or improve their situation.

Tim Hortons App Violated Privacy Laws

The four privacy authorities recommended that Tim Hortons:

Delete any remaining location data and direct third-party service providers to do the same;
Establish and maintain a privacy management program that: includes privacy impact assessments for the app and any other apps it launches; creates a process to ensure information collection is necessary and proportional to the privacy impacts identified;  ensures that privacy communications are consistent with, and adequately explain app-related practices; and
Report back with the details of measures it has taken to comply with the recommendations.

Tim Hortons agreed to implement the recommendations.

Edmonton Climate Leaders: Advancing a Just Transition

A just transition refers to the transition from the dominant economy to one that centers on place-based, ecologically resilient, socially equitable, deeply democratic approaches to establishing mutually beneficial relationships. Consequently, understanding the economy as a changeable model is key to envisioning new ways of interacting with the world. 

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