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Monica Bassili writes a weekly column for

Status for All | Migrante Canada

olitical instability, economic crises, religious and women’s oppression, imperialism, colonialism, and climate change are all connected to why migrants are fleeing to Canada. The countries most impacted by the above social, cultural, economic, and political issues are racialized peoples. At its core, undocumented workers in Canada meaningfully contribute to their communities. By working, they are completing the tasks and duties of a position that no Canadian citizen would entertain. 

Low wages, abuses from employers, and long hours are typical qualities of the jobs undocumented workers are able to obtain. Often, employers take advantage of their employee’s vulnerabilities, including a lack of legal education in Canada. For this reason, undocumented workers are subject to grotesque abuses that traumatize them and their families. Such desperate employment opportunities are seldom public and government knowledge, meaning that undocumented workers often go unnoticed.

Monica Bassili writes a weekly column for

Reflections on the Demise of the Elizabethan Age | Monica Bassilli

A century before Queen Elizabeth took power, her predecessors pillages Turtle Island (North America) and attempted to exterminate the Indigenous population. Through colonial violence, Residential Schools, the Indian Act, the reserve system, and the government departments dedicated to “managing” Indigenous peoples, Britain’s impact on Indigenous peoples in Canada persists today. With this in mind, any meaningful government changes following Her Majesty’s death must place Indigenous leaders, chiefs, scholars, and workers at the forefront of change.

On Monday, September 19th, 2022, the national day of mourning for Queen Elizabeth in Canada, please spend your time thinking beyond Britain’s boundaries. Think of Ireland. Think of Palestine. Think of Indigenous peoples. There is no shortage of pain and despair found in Britain’s brutal colonial and imperial history. Please, have these challenging conversations and reflect deeply on the news media emerging today on the praise and love adorned to the Queen. 

Rosehip Jelly | Adeline Panamaroff

Rosehip Jelly | Adeline Panamaroff

Rosehips are the fruit that roses make after they flower and lose their petals. From my days in Girl Guides, I learned that rosehips are a good trail food with their large amount of vitamin C.

My Granny, during the hard war years, once used rosehips as a vitamin supplement for her own child. Only once I started to explore the world of wild edibles did I look again at the rosehip as an ingredient for jelly. 

Wild or domesticated roses can be sourced for their rosehips from August to October. After a light frost, they are even sweeter, so waiting for later in the growing season maybe even better. Wild roses can be found throughout natural green spaces, as undergrowth in treed areas. Domesticated roses can be found in landscaped public parks.

Acorn Pancakes | Adeline Panamaroff

Acorn Pancakes | Adeline Panamaroff

Oak trees are not native to the western Prairies, yet they have been planted here in Edmonton and have habituated quite nicely. They are a common and sturdy presence in many urban parks and green spaces.

In mid-September, they are easy to find, even if you are not tuned into looking for them. Simply by walking under an oak tree, you can not miss the knobby acorns that you will walk over as they fall from above. 

Bassili, Monica writes a weekly column for

Pain, Trauma, and Sexual Violence | Monica Bassili

For instance, as per a 2013 study on sexual violence in Egypt, 99.3 percent of women and girls experienced sexual violence in their lifetimes. The country’s majority Muslim population seldom entertains skimpy Western clothing. Further, Egyptian women are not “asking for it” or causing their subjugation. With this in mind, why is sexual violence prevalent worldwide? What are the causes of sexual violence against women?

Mather Fox: columnist with LCCMedia

Till Debt Separates Us | Mather Fox

My second strategy was to find a better-paying job, and I found it. My first mission was to pay off my $11000 line of credit and credit card, and I was tired of throwing money in the drain by paying interest charges. These two strategies put me out of my misery. For the first time, my income exceeded my expenses and made it possible for me to pay lump sums to my credit card and line of credit.

My full-time job, part-time job, and skin health side hussle made this possible, and cutting my household expenses contributed. With my $11000 debt wiped off within 12 months, I sighed in relief. For the first time, after leaving home nine years earlier, I managed to save money and bought a ticket for my six weeks vacation in Zimbabwe.

Bassili, Monica writes a weekly column for

Let it Be | Monica Bassili

Now that this challenging relationship has matured, and my mother and I exchange regular phone calls, I have learnt an important lesson: let it be. No matter how many questions or the answers I demand, nothing will change the reality of what has happened. I do not pity my mother; I am not angry with her, I am not disappointed or frustrated, and I am content. I am proud of my mother and am at peace knowing she is living her best life.

Letting it be, however, does not mean ceasing to ask essential questions. After all, without asking questions and opening your mind to new ideas, you risk staying the same, in a state of mediocre satisfaction. I know I can develop these questions without harbouring resentment or anger towards my mother. For this reason, letting it be is not ignorance but rather a deep understanding that knowledge is everywhere. 

Headshot | Photo by Blue Nail Negatives

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