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4.96% property tax hike for 2023

The 4.96 percent tax increase will affect property owners differently, depending on how their property’s assessed value compares to the market. The average Edmonton household will pay approximately $725 in municipal taxes in 2023 for every $100,000 of estimated home value, an increase of $34 from 2022.

Photocredit: Jacqueline Biollo

A Barbie Named Believe |Jacqueline Biollo, MBA, ICD.D

Find ways to go after your dreams, feel more vital than ever, and practice new approaches to showing up for yourself and your life. Write down what you want to accomplish. Resign yourself to work hard, find motivation and willpower, and break each goal down into smaller ones so that you can stay positive, even with setbacks, to succeed.

The City of Edmonton took another step in its journey of reconciliation by officially declaring September 30, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, a civic holiday.

September 30 declared Civic Holiday in Edmonton

“Officially acknowledging September 30 as a civic holiday is a small but significant step in our commitment to supporting and building strong, respectful relationships with Indigenous Peoples in Edmonton,” said Andre Corbould, City Manager. “Administration will continue listening, connecting, advocating, and partnering with Indigenous communities to ensure they see themselves included and reflected in the City’s spaces, places, and services. We still have a lot of work to do, and we’re dedicated to continue moving forward on our journey of reconciliation.”

Overcoming Challenges with Eleanore King

Overcoming Challenges with Eleanore King

One of my challenges right now is to lose weight and get to a certain weight. Sometimes I feel like giving up but I’m not going to give up. I know why I want to lose weight and so I am going to stick to it. So far, I have lost one stone 3 lb which is about 8 kg. I want to lose another 3 kg. I even got a fashion designer to sew dresses for me last year with the lower target weight. Obviously I couldn’t fit into those dresses when I received them. Finally, I was able to put them on at home a few weeks ago but they are still a bit tight. Those dresses are a reminder to me that I must get to my target weight so I can fit into them.

Mather Fox: columnist with LCCMedia

The Journey Beyond ‘Till Debt Separates Us’ with Mather Fox

During that time, I visualized most times and saw myself holding cash and burning the money right into the bin. This visualization was inspired by the interest rates I was paying. The minimum payments did not make a dent in the principal I borrowed, which means If I had kept the same pace, I would still be putting money on the credit card and line of credit for the rest of my life. The visualization fired me up, and I promised myself I would clear the debt as planned. That’s all I did for 12 months, and I achieved my goal. Because this strategy worked so well in the past, I am currently implementing it in my current businesses, and the results are astounding.

Learn about Eczema with Aveeno

Learn about Eczema with Aveeno

“In the US, Eczema is the second most frequent skin disease to affect Black skin, but experts believe it may be underdiagnosed. This is due in part to the fact that historically, physicians have been trained primarily to diagnose eczema on white skin. In fact, a recent US study found that less than 5 percent of the images in general medicine textbooks showed conditions on darker skin, and the standard outcome measures used have poor reliability and validity in patients with very dark skin, making it even more difficult for doctors to recognize and diagnose on skin with more pigment”.

Migrant Women and Immigration Backlogs | Monica Bassilli

The first was last year’s events in Afghanistan which were largely orchestrated by the United States’ abrupt departure from the region. In response, Canada’s immigration processing in the region urgently shifted to promise the arrival of 40,000 Afghan refugees. It is important to note that processing standards in Canada now heavily rely on reliable identification documents, which are likely to have been destroyed or never been established in Afghanistan. Coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic, Canada’s processing of immigration applications has been impacted both in capacity and in turbulent global conflicts.

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