Premier Jason Kenney
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Premier Jason Kenney optimistic for Alberta after resignation announcement

“This is a critical time in Alberta’s history. We are determined to keep our eye on the ball, to continue to lead Canada in economic growth, the job creation, to keep our commitments, to fight for a stronger Alberta”.

“Just last week, we won a historic victory at the Alberta Court of Appeal in the central part of our strategy for a stronger Alberta, which was the four to one decision striking down Justin Trudeau’s No More Pipelines pipelines law, Bill C-69”.

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Jason Kenney’s Resignation a Shock to the Black Community

Kenney has different parts to him: he showed brilliance in some parts of the economy, but the cost of utility, the cost of insurance, cost of living dwarfs the provincial government taunts that they made life better.

It was his fight with nurses and doctors during the pandemic and the ongoing battle for Alberta’s curriculum  that turned some off him  and brought UCP polices to conversations around the kitchen table. 

Children and parents felt unsafe during the pandemic and even now, there is a ongoing dispute about Alberta curriculum being imposed by the province.

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Fraternité des Formalités Administratives de Voyage

Avec plus de 2 millions de demandes dans l’arriéré d’immigration du Canada, davantage de soutien devrait être accordé aux femmes et aux enfants racialisés. Malgré les conflits géopolitiques actuels en Afghanistan, en Ukraine et en Russie, il existe d’innombrables conflits mondiaux qui ne répondent pas aux normes des médias. Le génocide du Tigré dans le nord de l’Éthiopie, le génocide du Darfour au Soudan du Sud et même le génocide domestique des femmes et des enfants autochtones passent au second plan, car ils incarnent racialisés des peuplesSe regrouper en tant que peuples déjà en sécurité et habitant le Canada est essentiel pour faire pression pour un traitement accessible, abordable et raisonnable des demandes d’immigration canadiennes.

Photo provided by Jacqueline Biollo
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Vulnerably Exposed | Jacqueline Biollo, MBA, ICD.D

I have no regrets and I feel no need to justify to anyone, other than myself, as to why I had an aesthetic surgery procedure. I did it for me. Period. Regardless of your opinion on aesthetic surgery procedures, I hope we all find ways to love who we are, find ways to build our self-confidence, and have empathy for others – because all bodies are beautiful. And sometimes, I think we either forget that, don’t believe that, or just need reminding of that. #YourBodyYourChoice

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs
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Alberta Women Entrepreneurs and Community Futures Network of Alberta receive $3million

Alberta’s government is investing $6 million in grant funding for business loans aimed at supporting and empowering women entrepreneurs by providing them with more access to capital. The loan program provides low-interest business loans and business advisory supports to women entrepreneurs.

Loans accessed through this grant will be administered by Alberta Women Entrepreneurs and Community Futures Network of Alberta. Each organization will receive $3 million in grant funding through the Women’s Economic Recovery – Capital Growth Initiative.

Leslyn Lewis is one of the six candidates at the Edmonton Convention Centre on May 11
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Leslyn Lewis in Edmonton tonight for CPC Leaders Debate

Elusive to media chats, Leslyn Lewis is the only female and BIPOC candidate in the race. According to  her website: “she believes that Canada is only strong when all Canadians have a voice, and where we can all unite in forging a Canada where we all have an equal opportunity to optimize our potential.  This is a goal that sees all Canadians as equal under the law: where race, religion, creed, orientation, and political affiliation are no longer used to divide us”.

Expanding Financial Literacy
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Alberta offers Financial Literacy Grants

The two organizations are Enriched Academy who will receive $900,000 per year and the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education will receive $500,00 per year over the next three years.

JA (Junior Achievement) is the world’s largest NGO dedicated to educating young people about business. We strive to inspire and prepare youth to succeed in a global economy. With over 120 member organizations worldwide, JA brings a global view of business to local communities.

Junior Achievement will also receive $250,000 per year over the next three years to work with teachers to provide young learners in grades 3 to 6 with hands-on, experiential financial literacy programming, work readiness and entrepreneurship education. This programming will support financial literacy learnings in the new K-6 Physical Education and Wellness curriculum being implemented in classrooms this fall.

Canadian Mental Health Association Mental Health Week
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Mental Health Week and Wellness Together Canada

Mental Health Week is sponsored by Major Sponsor Beneva as well as The Medicine Shoppe, Workplace Strategies for Mental Health (Canada Life) and Not Myself Today. To get involved, you can:

Learn more about mental health and empathy at 
Share your support on social media by downloading a toolkit and using hashtags #GetReal and #MentalHealthWeek 
Donate to support CMHA mental health programs and services at 
Connect. If you or someone you love is struggling, please contact your local CMHA or visit the Government of Canada’s Wellness Together portal. If you are in crisis, please call 1-833-456-4566 toll free in Canada (1-866-277-3553 in Quebec) or dial 911.

Honouring Alberta's Young leaders and artists
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Precious Majekodunmi wins Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award

Precious organized and promoted Black History month and many other multicultural events in her school. As a level four Flight Corporal for the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, Precious taught younger Cadets, lead various activities, learned about survival, aerodynamics, public speaking, leadership and marksmanship, and completed community service projects. She volunteered with Northern Lights Regional Hospital, the Wood Buffalo Food Bank, the Multicultural Association, Nigerian Canadian Association, MACOY, the local library and the YMCA.