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Anti- Racism Engagement Plan | Alberta News

All Albertans are encouraged to fill out an online survey before Oct. 21. They can share their perspectives on the impact racism has in this province and on future government actions to address racism.

Public engagement will build upon Alberta’s recently released Anti-Racism Action Plan. A road map for meaningful action, the plan outlines the government’s commitment to diversity, removing systemic barriers to accessing government programs and making sure Albertans have equal access to information and services. Alberta’s Anti-Racism Advisory Council has played an important role in this work.

Boosters expand to kids

Boosters Expand to Kids aged 5-11 | Alberta News

Pediatric booster vaccinations will be administered at Alberta Health Services clinics around the province. Vaccines will also be available at select pharmacies where AHS clinics are not conveniently located. Booster appointments must be booked through the Alberta Vaccine Booking System at or by calling Health Link at 811. Some pharmacies can accommodate walk-ins.

Headshot | Photo by Blue Nail Negatives

What impact does an endorsement, reference, or referral have?

Brand Ambassadors have a significant opportunity to influence others to support a brand that provides quality products, authenticity, and trustworthiness. They also provide brands with the ability to empower consumers, especially on social media platforms, inspiring others to buy into this forward-thinking approach and support a brand’s revenue-driven marketing strategy.

Online Registry Launches September 1

Online teacher registry launches September 1

The registry is also similar to registries for members of other professions in Alberta, such as nurses, doctors, lawyers and engineers. Alberta’s registry includes relevant information about serious disciplinary matters while still protecting the privacy of the disciplined individual’s colleagues, students and others who may be involved in the situation.

LCCMedia welcomes all students back to school

LCCMedia welcomes all students back to school

As schools around Edmonton and Alberta resume from the summer break, parents and drivers are reminded that ‘to help keep students and families safe, it is important to drive within the 30 km/h speed limit around schools. This is the safest speed, as it allows drivers to stop quickly and helps avoid serious injury or fatality in the event of a collision’.

Alberta Crime Prevention grant

The Alberta Crime Prevention Grant | Alberta News

The $5.2 million in grants available over the next two years will support the delivery of crime prevention, community safety and well-being programs. Programs may include initiatives or projects to reduce the risk of domestic violence, youth outreach programs, and training and staffing for crime prevention organizations in rural Alberta.

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