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The Scourge on Indigenous Communities | Panels with Mary Thomas

The panelists were Flora Northwest, a Samson Cree Nation Elder who belongs to the Maskwacis community. She is also a residential school survivor.  Shawna J Serniak is an Indigenous International Speaker, Founder of Every Woman Empowered, YouTube Personality and Host of Chick Chit Chat and Founder of Project Change MMIW and the charity Every Woman Empowered Endowment Fund. Shawna was recognized by Alberta’s Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women for her community leadership and acts of service. Chelsea Vowel is a professor at the University of Alberta and Dan Johnstone is a Canadian anti-poverty and social activist and community organizer. He is also know as Can Man Dan. He is running for City Council on October 18th 2021.

Blog Panels with Mary Thomas

Panels with Mary Thomas: An Evening with Yeg Authors

One wonders whether the fact that our books are not main stream is part of the problem. But we must advocate for our stories to be told. No one can tell our stories better than ourselves. Our stories are culturally rich, filled with values and morals and in many ways, we must tell our children the stories our parents told us. This is why we must advocate for immigrant writers in Alberta. 

Immigrant writers need visibility primarily.

Siba Khumalo
Blog Panels with Mary Thomas

Managing Careers and Roles Whilst Shattering Glass Ceilings ~ A Panel Moderated by Mary Thomas

Every month, Mary Thomas considers an incisive topic whilst moderating a high powered panel of women. This month, the topic was Managing Careers and Roles Whilst Shattering Glass Ceilings.  The panelists were Janis Irwin, the MLA for Edmonton Highlands Norwood and member of the Alberta New Democratic Party. She is the Official Opposition Deputy Whip […]

Panels with Mary Thomas
Panels with Mary Thomas

Panels with Mary Thomas ~ Food Insecurity in Edmonton ~ Challenges and Possibilities

Whilst the idea of food insecurity to some in Edmonton may seem far fetched and complementary to some, food insecurity is a big deal in Edmonton today. Depending on who you talk to, you are either food secure or you are not. What is food insecurity? The definition of food security refers to the availability of food and […]

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Being Single: Man versus Woman Part 1| Panels by Mary Thomas | LadiescornerTV

It had to be the best panel discussion we have ever had. It was raw, transparent and brutally honest. Our panellists were Mr Dee Maiden, the indefatigable Monika Glamazon and Ash Oliver Hamilton. The topic was being single: the man and the woman’s perspective. But there was a lot that was unpacked in the conversation […]