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Panels with Mary Thomas ~ Food Insecurity in Edmonton ~ Challenges and Possibilities

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Whilst the idea of food insecurity to some in Edmonton may seem far fetched and complementary to some, food insecurity is a big deal in Edmonton today. Depending on who you talk to, you are either food secure or you are not.

What is food insecurity? The definition of food security refers to the availability of food and one’s access to it. Since the pandemic struck in 2020, some people lost their jobs and have had to depend on welfare.

Some people have had to decide whether to pay their mortgages or rent or buy food. Times are hard. Spending time at the Rhema Chapel Food Bank, I have seen people collect food supplies with tears. It is a humbling experience to stand in a queue for food supplies to feed your family.

1 in every 8 household suffers is food insecure, in  Canada today. This is not good enough. Food insecurity can lead to domestic violence, homelessness and malnutrition in children. 

Seniors, children, racialized people are more likely to suffer from food insecurity from their Caucasian counterparts. What we do not often talk about are the effects of food insecurity: domestic violence, homelessness, depression, anxiety, sudden mortality, disease

It is unconscionable for those who have not felt this in any way to deny the impact of food insecurity. Single mothers, students, the homeless are some of the people we are talk about here. These people have real struggles to put three square meals on the tables in their families.

A big thank you to Edmonton’s Food Bank, the Mustard Seed and Rhema Chapel for taking part in this panel.

The next panel is on the 18th of February and the topic is Feminism Challenges Patriarchy.


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