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Bassili, Monica

Pain, Trauma, and Sexual Violence | Monica Bassili

For instance, as per a 2013 study on sexual violence in Egypt, 99.3 percent of women and girls experienced sexual violence in their lifetimes. The country’s majority Muslim population seldom entertains skimpy Western clothing. Further, Egyptian women are not “asking for it” or causing their subjugation. With this in mind, why is sexual violence prevalent worldwide? What are the causes of sexual violence against women?

Bassili, Monica

Let it Be | Monica Bassili

Now that this challenging relationship has matured, and my mother and I exchange regular phone calls, I have learnt an important lesson: let it be. No matter how many questions or the answers I demand, nothing will change the reality of what has happened. I do not pity my mother; I am not angry with her, I am not disappointed or frustrated, and I am content. I am proud of my mother and am at peace knowing she is living her best life.

Letting it be, however, does not mean ceasing to ask essential questions. After all, without asking questions and opening your mind to new ideas, you risk staying the same, in a state of mediocre satisfaction. I know I can develop these questions without harbouring resentment or anger towards my mother. For this reason, letting it be is not ignorance but rather a deep understanding that knowledge is everywhere. 

Yoleen Naidoo writes a weekly column with | Empowering Teens

You were born to be happy | Yoleen Naidoo

Acknowledge that, accept that and be grateful to yourself then you will see how your confidence will start to rise. 

As a gift to you today and as a little help on your journey for strengthening your mind I have created a free app. to help you. 

The first thing you should do in the morning is to affirm your day.  The reason we affirm our day is to remind ourselves who we truly are.  At least repeat the affirmation minimum of 30 times each time 4 times a day.

Low Income Community Free Clinic

LCCMedia Foundation Launches Low Income Community Tax Clinic

From their work in the community, they observed a gap in financial services and literacy in low-income or modest income earners. There is a wide variety of people, newcomers, unemployed individuals and seniors, who do not have access or find it difficult to gain access to filing their taxes by a qualified accountant or professional who is from their community.

Top 20 Resolutions for 2022

Top 20 Goals for 2022

Update your look: this could mean changing your hair colour or hair style. Working on your look is a refreshing way to begin 2022. 
Join a gym: if you have put this off, its time to commit to a weight loss program. There is no magic to a gym commitment.

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