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What Happens If I Make a Mistake in Life | Yoleen Naidoo

For you to live this valuable life, you must believe in yourself. Accept that you can make bad decisions.  Accept that you get another chance.  Accept that you will do better next time and if not, you will be given another chance.  Work hard in life and grow.  Never forget we live in a world of GRACE which means we get another chance. Grace gives us the chance to start again without a past.  Leave the past, let it go, forgive yourself and move on.   

Political Strategist Jacqueline Biollo writes a weekly column for Ladiescorner.ca
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Does Colour Inspire? | Jacqueline Biollo, MBA, ICD.D

Create a positive mindset. I knew I didn’t want to disappoint the event organizer by not respecting the request, so, to complement my positive mindset, I created a feeling of gratitude. I was appreciative of the opportunity to attend this unique colour-themed event, where I would network and be exposed to opportunities that excite me.

6 Ways To Give Back During The Holidays
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Six Ways to Give Back During the Holidays

Many have volunteer programs that are full of opportunities for those looking to give back without spending a dime. Volunteering can take on many forms, from answering phones or sorting donations, to cooking meals and organizing events. This way, you can choose what you feel most comfortable doing while still making a huge difference for people experiencing homelessness. If you feel like hosting an event is too much of a commitment for this time of year, consider purchasing groceries or gently used clothing and dropping them off at a local food or shelter instead—or perhaps the idea of turning your turkey dinner into a fundraiser for your local shelter is right up your alley.

Chandler Moore
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What Happens When You Wait ~ Elevation Worship & Maverick City

Wait on You acknowledges that there are seasons you go through when your parents cannot help you. When no one can help, but God Almighty. Sung by Chandler Moore and Dante Bowe both song writers and worship pastors, these men worked with Elevation’s Steven Furtick to put flesh on a very beautiful song. Pastor Furtick is God’s gift to this generation. I have listened to Pastor Steven since at least 2014. I cannot get enough of his messages. If there was anyone who has affected my mindset, it is pastor Furtick.