Womens’ Day Conference | LadiesCornerArchive

At the Women's Day Conference for 2019, we discussed the effect of race and racism in our daily lives. Whilst

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Interview with x-Premier Rachel Notley | LadiesCornerArchive

This interview was published in February 2019. Image from Many people are said to be camera-shy but Premier Notley


The God Debate | Hindu Spiritual Teacher Braj Blanchard Didi Ji speaks on the Existence of God

Tee Adeyemo spoke to Hindu Spiritual Leader and teacher Braj Blanchard Didi Ji. Didi Ji is revered as a saint


Leela Sharon Ahreer Interview: ‘I see no limitations’ | Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and the Status of Women

Minister Career spent some time with Amanda Nothando from the Amanda Nothando Show and Tee Adeyemo, Creative Director with Ladies Corner

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-03 at 2.47.04 PM’s Tee with Tabitha Nyaziel | South Sudan and I

Tabitha Nyaziel is a youth worker with first and second generation of kids from South Sudan. A gospel artiste and

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South Sudanese Youths Stand Up for Change | Interview with Tee Adeyemo

South Sudanese Youths Tell Their Stories in this interview with Tee Adeyemo. These girls want to be police officers, lawyers,

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Discrimination in the Housing and Financial Sectors | An Expert Disagreement

The topic was ‘Discrimination in the Housing and Financial Sectors and the moderator was Mary Thomas. The panellists were Mr Ben Adekunle,

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Alison Clarke’s novel Circle Rocks Edmonton | Books | Out on Amazon

Alison Clarke is a writer and author, creative writing teacher, a two-time cancer survivor and painter. She had a sit

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Ladies Corner Panels |Mental Health: An Indepth Look at Suicides in Edmonton hosted an expert panel on mental health at the Diversity Centre on Friday the 10th of May. The conversation


Will you keep your baby? | Pregnancy Centre | Coffee of Encouragement

Pro-Life simply means the choice to keep your baby. But, with free love everywhere, our unborn children are paying the