Marjorie Bencz
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Spotlight Profile ~ Marjorie Bencz ~ Executive Director of Edmonton’s Food Bank

Marjorie Bencz began with Edmonton’s Food Bank in 1987 as a volunteer.  In 1989, she became the Executive Director of Edmonton’s Food Bank.     Over the years, Marjorie’s work and dedication has resulted in her being recognized with a number of community awards such as an honorary diploma in Health and Community Studies from Grand MacEwan […]

Dickson Maiden
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Friday Night with Mr Maiden | On Motivation and Inspiration

Dickson Maiden finds his passion through purpose, Purpose seen through the lives he touches through his inspiring words of motivation. Dickson Maiden is not a stranger to struggling and striving through adversity to come up on top. His motivational words resonate on vibrational scale like no other, causing change and inspiring. His talk show motivates […]

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Author Alison Clarke Raises Funds for her Sisterhood Project |

  For those who are unaware, IndieGoGo is a crowdfunding international platform empowering people around the world to fund projects that matter to them that could be your startup, creative project, business, or nonprofit. Edmonton’s author Alison Clarke is looking to raise funds to help pay for a minute-long animated trailer for one of the books […]

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Singer/Song writer Annika Christenson on the Extended Show |

We had the lovely Annika Christenson on the Extended Show earlier tonight. The Extended Show launched in September as a signature show of LadiescornerTV.  The producer of the show reckons that she might have found the next Adele. With an incredible voice and a sweet spirit, 16-year-old Annika sang four original songs she wrote. Accompanied […]

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Yoleen Naidoo, Founder of Coffee of Encouragement speaks to

Yoleen Naidoo is the founder of Coffee of Encouragement. Every year in the month of October, she encourages us to buy a cup of tea or coffee for our family and friends for the sole purpose of encouraging them. At, we have found out that Yoleen practises what she preaches. Her support is unequivocally […]