Marjorie Bencz
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Spotlight Profile ~ Marjorie Bencz ~ Executive Director of Edmonton’s Food Bank

Marjorie Bencz began with Edmonton’s Food Bank in 1987 as a volunteer.  In 1989, she became the Executive Director of Edmonton’s Food Bank.     Over the years, Marjorie’s work and dedication has resulted in her being recognized with a number of community awards such as an honorary diploma in Health and Community Studies from Grand MacEwan […]

Dickson Maiden
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Friday Night with Mr Maiden | On Motivation and Inspiration

Dickson Maiden finds his passion through purpose, Purpose seen through the lives he touches through his inspiring words of motivation. Dickson Maiden is not a stranger to struggling and striving through adversity to come up on top. His motivational words resonate on vibrational scale like no other, causing change and inspiring. His talk show motivates […]