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Redefining Being Black – Melanistic Magazine – Greg Davis on the Yeg Show

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We can not ever have enough of melanin in our lives. We are culture. We are in the arts and entertainment world. We are the truth in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a voice that can no longer be silent.

We are melanistic and proud.

We can no longer be described alone by our physical prowess.

Our sisters have walked on the moon.

We have inhabited Canada since the 18th century.

With Kamala Harris being the first African-American/Asian-American Vice President of the United States of America, being black right now is a call to excellence and all that is best within us. That Melanistic Magazine deals with everything urban and lifestyle – is an important description of the way are seen as a people in Canada.

The feel and texture of the magazine puts us on a different landscape altogether. And the content? A world for you to discover.

Mediocrity is often synonymous to being black, but with magazines like Melanistic working to change that narrative. Being black can also be synonymous to excellence, greatness, luxury, fancy, hard work and more.

Greg Davis has been in the media business for more than a decade. His project – the Melanistic Magazine is a luxurious magazine that has brought every aspect of the urban and lifestyle experience of Black people to the fore front. He is described as passionate and a driving force on the Canadian media landscape giving a megaphone to Black writers and journalists. Melanistic Magazine is indeed a sophisticated reflection of the beauty and realities of the metropolitan Black experience in Edmonton. His magazine gives us the pathway to the future of the best in being Black.

He is featured in Ladies Corner Magazine Winter 2020 edition.

In this episode, we talk about the importance of having a voice in the Canadian media landscape and the pressure of owning the space as black people.

It is really juicy and is worth every bit of your time:)



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