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Laura Tejeda is a columnist with LCCMedia

Fair Game? | Laura TEJEDA MEZA 

Practicing sports seems much easier here than in other countries. Nevertheless, according to a study by the Conseil du statut de la femme of Quebec’s Government, in November 2022, in Canada, girls move less than boys, and women remain underrepresented in the sports world.

Canada Meets Its Francophone Immigration Target in 2022

Over the past year, more than 16,300 new immigrants have settled in Francophone minority communities across Canada. During the first census year in 2006, the number of admissions of French-speaking residents outside Quebec was just over 2,800. This represents a significant jump of 3.02% (from 1.38% to 4.4%) between 2006 and 2022. This is the largest number of French-speaking immigrants outside Quebec that the country has welcomed since the data began to be recorded. These newcomers contribute to the development of those communities outside Quebec and to the diversity of our country’s cultural and linguistic landscape. They also help strengthen the economy of the communities in which they have settled.

Free replacement documents for Canadians affected by Hurricane Fiona

The Government of Canada is continuing to take concrete actions to help people directly affected by Hurricane Fiona, in addition to the assistance provided through the Hurricane Fiona Recovery Fund. Today, the Honourable Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Minister of Official Languages and Minister responsible for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, on behalf of the Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced that fees will be waived for those who need to replace vital lost or destroyed documents, including travel documents and citizenship certificates.

Your dollars and you | Tayo Elnathan and Dotun Ayo-Bamisaiye

Your Dollars and You | Tayo Elnathan and Dotun Ayo- Bamisaiye

Even though there is nothing new under the sun, if you have not planned your income and expenses, the importance of creating a budget cannot be over-emphasized. You might be a new immigrant, a business person, a retiree etc, and for every stage in life, there is the need to plan your expenses given that inflation has gone through the roof.

Tayo has moved on from the mindset of cutting down on her coffee. Her argument is that she needs her coffee to function, and without her coffee, she might not be productive. Coffee for some people is a quality of life/ mental health thing. The coffee could help bring more dollars in.

She argues that you can live a little, but plan.

Plan to multiply your income. Plan to have an emergency fund so you can deal with life’s emergencies. Dave Ramsey says you should have at least 6 months of living expenses.

Canada Dental Benefit

Canada Dental Benefit

Announced a couple of weeks ago, the interim Canada Dental Benefit is intended to help lower dental costs for eligible families earning less than $90,000 per year. 

Parents and guardians can apply if the child receiving dental care is under 12 years old and does not have access to a private dental insurance plan.

Depending on your adjusted family net income, a tax-free payment of $260, $390, or $650 is available for each eligible child. This interim dental benefit is only available for 2 periods. You can get a maximum of 2 payments for each eligible child. Benefit payments are administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The first benefit period is for children under 12 years old as of December 1, 2022, who receive dental care between October 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023.

Find out more about your eligibility for the Canada Dental Benefit here.

Photo supplied by Samiha Fariha

All-new CLIF Thins will pick you up without weighing you down

The latest launch from the leading maker of nutritious snacks, CLIF Thins are a crispy, crunchy take on the original CLIF BAR, intended for everyday snacking. Will be available nationwide at Canadian retailers, this snack is made with plant-based ingredients and has only 100 calories and 5 grams of sugar per pack. With flavours like Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Peanut Brownie and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, you won’t resist grabbing these snacks for a quick bite before tackling whatever your day brings.

Children of undocumented workers denied access to education| Migrants Rights

“Canada promises universal educations, but tens of thousands of undocumented children cannot go to school”. 

“Raquel, whose family lost status when she was in high school in Montreal, explained the pain and uncertainty she went through: “I was very worried about my future. My strong desire to study was crushed by a system rich in education but poor in empathy.”

“Even children of parents with work and study permits are turned away. Right now, in New Brunswick, 53 school children have been unable to enroll despite speaking out since September .”

Monica Bassili writes a weekly column for

Status for All | Migrante Canada

olitical instability, economic crises, religious and women’s oppression, imperialism, colonialism, and climate change are all connected to why migrants are fleeing to Canada. The countries most impacted by the above social, cultural, economic, and political issues are racialized peoples. At its core, undocumented workers in Canada meaningfully contribute to their communities. By working, they are completing the tasks and duties of a position that no Canadian citizen would entertain. 

Low wages, abuses from employers, and long hours are typical qualities of the jobs undocumented workers are able to obtain. Often, employers take advantage of their employee’s vulnerabilities, including a lack of legal education in Canada. For this reason, undocumented workers are subject to grotesque abuses that traumatize them and their families. Such desperate employment opportunities are seldom public and government knowledge, meaning that undocumented workers often go unnoticed.

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