Free MasterClass for Kids | Rising Above Trauma | 24th July

The Masterclass provides a safe place for our  children to open up about their experiences of microaggressions and racism. Here are is why you need to sign up your kids. Racism is real. It is not some imagined nonsense from lazy minds. It can leave scars. And wounds.  Here are some examples of what black children deal with in their classrooms and in the play grounds of their schools. 

When you are called a ‘chimpanzee’ or an orangutan by your friends at school and the teacher never sees it happen. Here are some uncomfortable examples.

When your sandwich is ridiculed at school.

When your teachers set low expectations for your kids.

When your kids spend more time in the school corridors or in the restroom than in class actually learning.

When your child does not want to go to school.

When your child wants to have a light skin.

When your child stops talking.

When your child stays in their room every day after school.

Your Business Megaphone | The Noticeboard Volume 5

LCCMedia launched a product a couple of weeks ago called the Notice Board. This is your vehicle to promote your business for free in Alberta. At the moment, the Notice Board is an online business amplifier, over time we may distribute across Alberta.

Take a look at the announcements, humor, poetry and all the businesses advertised. You may need their services sometime.

If you would like to advertise in the Notice Board, it is free at the moment, so why not advertise with us. Our email is

Businesses on the NoticeBoard | Your Business Megaphone | Volume 4

The Notice Board is LCCMedia’s Megaphone for businesses. We are town criers for local businesses. Advertise with us in our weekly Notice Board.

Send your adverts to

Top 100 Women in Canada | Abi Ajibola | Memoirs Photography

LCCmedia recently had a photoshoot with Abi Ajibola, the Lead Photographer at Memoirs Photography. The session lasted hours but it went by quickly as she made us feel very welcome in her studio. It is pretty accurate to say that…

Lessons From Tobi ~ For The Dads Who Stayed

I have friends who are single mothers. I know people who were raised without fathers. Fathers are essential as fatherhood takes a lifetime. Fatherhood is impactful and the negative effects we see in our society – the high rates of blacks in the criminal system for example – may be because of an absence of fathers in homes. Father abandonment is a big issue that often leave a lot tragedy behind.

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