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Hope for Women with Mrs Obasan

Daughters of Zion Women Foundation Celebrate 2nd Anniversary

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Women turned out to celebrate the New Year’s Thanksgiving and 2nd Anniversary Celebration of the Daughters of Zion Women Foundation. Despite the extreme cold weather, the event attracted a diverse array of women who came to network and get spiritual nourishment for their souls. There was something for all women: single and married alike.

The Daughters of Zion Women Foundation is a registered charity that seeks to help women from diverse backgrounds facing challenges, fight battles silently, overwhelmed with career, family, marriage, children and other issues in life. They seek to empower women through their various initiatives and supports.

Their programs include a food drive, help for immigrants, meetings and retreats, seminars and workshops. They have a program, the Newcomers Early Comers, where they connect immigrant women and their families to IRCC Funded Settlement Programs to meet their needs. They also provide women with free Christian and motivational books to help support women’s spiritual and emotional needs. Here is a list of the complimentary books they offer.

The event started with praise and worship led by the very talented Rachel Obasan. There were games and opportunities to win prizes. The women were encouraged by different homilies challenging them to trust God regardless of tough societal challenges and the pandemic. There was also teaching on becoming circumstances better spouses.

Lunch was a beautiful combination of African and Oriental foods. The women had a wide variety to choose from: different types of salads, fried rice, white rice, chicken, lasagna, beef and so on. It was a healing and heartwarming event, and the organizers spared no expense in making sure Daughters of Zion felt nurtured and equipped for the year ahead. There is hope for women.

The Executive Director, Mrs. Suzan Obasan, thanked everyone for coming, and she urged the women to visit the website for upcoming events:

To support the Daughter of Zion Women Foundation, please consider giving here. 



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