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Seniors’ Program Digital Course

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Seniors often face a digital divide due to limited knowledge and exposure to modern technology. Africa Centre’s digital skills course for seniors aims to address that barrier and equip older adults with the technological skills to develop and strengthen their online learning capacity.

The courses are open to seniors of African descent, ages 55 and above.

*Please note that registrants are required to attend every session.

Beginner Digital Skills Class

This class is for English learners with limited computer knowledge. Repetition, simple vocabulary, and images will be used to help in the learning process. It is ideal for older learners to quickly learn basic digital skills for planning daily activities more efficiently.

Seniors need digital skills training for several important reasons:

Connectivity and Social Inclusion: As more aspects of social interaction move online, including communication with friends and family, seniors with digital skills can stay connected and avoid social isolation. This is particularly vital for those who live far from their loved ones or have mobility issues.

Access to Information and Services: Many essential services and sources of information are increasingly found online. From healthcare information to online banking, shopping, and government services, being able to navigate the digital world allows seniors to access these resources independently.

Health Management: With the rise of telemedicine and online health management tools, digital skills enable seniors to manage their health more effectively. They can communicate with healthcare providers, access medical records, and track their health metrics using digital tools.

Lifelong Learning: The internet offers endless opportunities for learning and intellectual stimulation. Digital literacy allows seniors to explore new interests, learn new skills, and engage with educational content.

Safety and Security: Understanding the digital world also includes being aware of online risks such as scams, fraud, and privacy breaches. Digital skills training can help seniors navigate these risks safely.

Cognitive Activity and Engagement: Learning new skills, including digital skills, can provide mental stimulation that is beneficial for cognitive health. It can be a form of brain exercise that helps keep the mind sharp.

Empowerment and Independence: Being able to use technology can empower seniors, giving them a sense of independence and control. It allows them to accomplish tasks on their own, from online shopping to using navigation apps.

Entertainment and Leisure: The digital world offers a wide array of entertainment options, from streaming movies and music to playing games and exploring virtual reality. Digital literacy opens up these avenues for leisure and enjoyment.

Community Participation: Many community groups and events have an online presence or are organized through digital platforms. Digital skills enable seniors to participate in these community activities.

Adapting to a Changing World: The world is increasingly digital, and having the skills to navigate this landscape is crucial for staying relevant and engaged with the broader societ



Course duration: Jan. 8 – March 19

Sessions and time: Mondays 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.






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