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Black Film

Civic Education with Giselle General

Two city councillors launched an initiative called “Participatory Budgeting”. Councillor Knack of ward Nakota Isga on the west side, and Councillor Tang of Ward Karhiio on the east side are working on this project together. They are setting aside $25,000 of their office budgets for residents of their ward to apply for small projects that benefit their community, where residents get to vote which projects will receive these funds.

Stateless: A Film by Michele Stephenson

Stateless – A Powerful Story about Justice | Judith Pila

Rosa Iris thus becomes a light bearer, delivering glimmers of hope by her grit and determination. There is a scene in the film where she defends a young man’s paperwork, contending for his right to citizenship despite a processing officer alleging he did not speak Spanish, until Rosa confronts her. Another uplifting and candid scene depicts Rosa as the enthusiastic character she is. She teaches her two children about the concept of statelessness. She does this with such care, yet with such honesty that it suppresses the terror based on optimism for change through her activism.

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