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All the Filipino artists who attended gather together showing one artwork each that they brought to the exhibit on May 25. Credit: Philippine Arts Council

Celebrating Filipino-Canadian Artists in Edmonton: A Vibrant Art Exhibit

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On May 25, 2024, Edmonton proudly hosted an art exhibit titled “Contemplating the Tapestry of Filipino-Canadian Connections” at the Mill Woods Seniors and Multicultural Centre. Organized by the Philippine Arts Council, this event celebrated the rich cultural narratives and shared histories between the Filipino and Canadian communities.

The exhibit, held in conjunction with May’s Asian Heritage Month and June’s Philippine Heritage Month, showcased the works of various Filipino-Canadian artists. These artists, through their diverse artistic expressions, highlighted the intricate threads that weave together the fabric of Filipino-Canadian identity and heritage.

Featured artists included Antonio Ludovico, April “Lianne” Angeles, Cedric Usman, Eoshanelle Francisco, and Michael Parillas, among others. Their artworks ranged from traditional to contemporary styles, reflecting both personal and collective experiences as immigrants and members of the Filipino-Canadian community. The pieces presented a dynamic blend of mediums and themes, exploring identity, migration, and the blending of cultures.

Article writer Giselle General stands by her exhibit booth, two almost life-sized art pieces. Credit: Alberta Chronicle
Article writer, Giselle General stands by her exhibit booth, two almost life-sized art pieces. Credit: Alberta Chronicle

The exhibit was more than just a display of art; it was a testament to the vibrant contributions of Filipino immigrants in Edmonton and Canada at large. It provided a platform for Filipino-Canadian artists to share their stories and talents, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of their cultural heritage. For more details about the event, including detailed artist biographies and descriptions of artist statements, visit the event link at:

The event also marked the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Canada, underscoring the long-standing connections and mutual respect between the two nations. This milestone was celebrated with support from the Edmonton Philippine International Centre (EPIC), the Philippine Consulate General Calgary, and Alberta Immigration and Multiculturalism.
Visitors to the exhibit were treated to a rich tapestry of visual narratives that invited them to reflect on the multifaceted experiences of Filipino-Canadians.

The artworks served as a bridge, connecting diverse communities through shared stories of resilience, adaptation, and creativity. As visitors browsed the artistic displays, the large screen showcased another accomplishment of the Philippine Arts Council, the documentary Paglalayag, the Philippines to Canada Journey, that was produced in 2021. Some of the artists at the booths in fact, shared their immigration stories in the documentary.

The documentary can be watched online at:

The exhibit was free and open to the public, emphasizing accessibility and community engagement. It drew attendees from various backgrounds, all united in their interest in art and cultural exchange.



Written by Giselle General

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