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Acorn Pancakes | Adeline Panamaroff

Acorn Pancakes | Adeline Panamaroff

Oak trees are not native to the western Prairies, yet they have been planted here in Edmonton and have habituated quite nicely. They are a common and sturdy presence in many urban parks and green spaces.

In mid-September, they are easy to find, even if you are not tuned into looking for them. Simply by walking under an oak tree, you can not miss the knobby acorns that you will walk over as they fall from above. 

Bassili, Monica writes a weekly column for

Let it Be | Monica Bassili

Now that this challenging relationship has matured, and my mother and I exchange regular phone calls, I have learnt an important lesson: let it be. No matter how many questions or the answers I demand, nothing will change the reality of what has happened. I do not pity my mother; I am not angry with her, I am not disappointed or frustrated, and I am content. I am proud of my mother and am at peace knowing she is living her best life.

Letting it be, however, does not mean ceasing to ask essential questions. After all, without asking questions and opening your mind to new ideas, you risk staying the same, in a state of mediocre satisfaction. I know I can develop these questions without harbouring resentment or anger towards my mother. For this reason, letting it be is not ignorance but rather a deep understanding that knowledge is everywhere. 

Highbush Cranberry Sauce

Highbush cranberry sauce | Adeline Panamaroff

My Granny deeply loved her highbush cranberries. They were taken from root cuttings that she found along the highway between her small prairie town and the border city to which she made an annual trip. (In order to see her parents.)

She prized this late August-early September fruit so much that once she had her fill of them, she invited trusted friends to share in the bounty.

Extreme Weather Response Activated

Extreme Weather Response Activated

In a public service announcement, the activation will go into effect on Tuesday, August 30, at 8 am, and the activation will end on Friday, September 2nd at 8 am, with the flexibility to extend it if the forecast changes.

Philantrophy as a Tool for Change - Foundation for Black Communities

Philanthropy as a Tool for Change | Foundation for Black Communities

On August 11 th, FFBC teamed up with Canadian Heritage to commemorate Canada’s second official Emancipation Day!
We organized a virtual lunch-and-learn to provide an opportunity for Canadian Black community members and all Canadians to reflect, learn about Canada’s legacy of slavery, celebrate the strength and perseverance of Black communities in Canada and invite participants to engage in the ongoing fight against anti-Black racism and
discrimination. It’s important for folks to know that the impact of slavery still haunts us today.

90% of Canadians don’t think slavery is a part of Canadian history. We think of it as a US issue. If we don’t know our history, we’re doomed to repeat it. I’m not saying that slavery will be repeated, but conditions that promote anti-Black racism can continue to permeate Canadian society unchecked if we don’t regularly take the time to stop, reflect, and engage.

You can watch the replay of our Emancipation Day Lunch and Learn here:

Mather Fox: columnist with LCCMedia

Till Debt Separates Us | Mather Fox

I am excited to share my story and hope it will inspire you to take the right action and help you clear your debt. In 2009 I shared a townhouse with a roommate, and below is the list of my monthly bills back then: 

Rent plus house bills, i.e., electricity, water, and gas, were $2000 a month shared with a roommate.
Car loan monthly payments of $500
Car-related expenses, including gas and car insurance, $500
Food and miscellaneous $500
Credit card minimum monthly payment of $100 
Line of credit minimum monthly payment $100

Wild Saskatoon Berry Pie | Adeline Panamaroff

Saskatoon berry pie is the best in my book.

They can also be thoroughly mixed with rhubarb, which is cooked along with the berries in the above recipe. This mix of fruits gives the pie a tangy edge. 

Both picking these berries, and making the pies, have been a summer ritual for me for many years.

Adeline Panamaroff joins the team as a weekly urban food columnist.  She has long had a passion for urban food foraging, food preservation and storage.

Gooseberry Jam | Adeline Panamaroff

This jam can be preserved by other methods than hot water canning, like pressure cooking or freezing. Follow the method that works for you and the space you have for storage. 

One of the challenges of making this or any other jam is orchestrating several processes, cooking the fruit, sterilizing things, and getting the hot water bath ready, so that it can all be done just as the jam is being boiled for the 2nd time. 

Note: While it may be financially daunting to get canning supplies like the jars, and a canning cauldron, they can be found at used shops like Value Village, and Find, or at garage sales for very affordable prices. Plus, as mentioned above, you can forgo this step and just freeze the jam in empty yogurt containers.

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