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A vibrant scene of Toronto featuring local spots

Planning a Trip to Toronto? We have ideas for you!

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Planning a trip to Toronto like a local involves exploring the city beyond the typical tourist spots and experiencing the vibrant neighbourhoods, diverse cuisine, and unique attractions that residents enjoy. Here’s a suggested itinerary to help you get the most authentic experience:

 Day 1: Explore Downtown and Entertainment District


1. St. Lawrence Market:
– Start your day with a visit to St. Lawrence Market, one of the world’s great markets. Grab a peameal bacon sandwich for breakfast and explore the variety of fresh produce, meats, and local delicacies.

2. Distillery District:
– Walk to the nearby Distillery District, a pedestrian-only area filled with cobblestone streets, art galleries, boutiques, and cafes.


3. Queen Street West:
– Head to Queen Street West, known for its trendy shops, street art, and vibrant atmosphere. Browse through unique boutiques and stop for lunch at one of the many local restaurants.

4. Graffiti Alley:
– Just off Queen Street West, visit Graffiti Alley to see a stunning array of street art and murals.


5. Kensington Market:
– Spend the evening in Kensington Market, a multicultural neighbourhood with eclectic shops, vintage stores, and a variety of food options. Enjoy dinner at a local eatery and soak in the bohemian vibe.

Day 2: Cultural and Culinary Exploration


1. Royal Ontario Museum (ROM):
– Visit the ROM to explore its extensive collection of art, world culture, and natural history.

2. Yorkville:
– After the museum, take a stroll through Yorkville, an upscale neighbourhood with high-end shops, art galleries, and cafes.


3. Chinatown:
– Head to Chinatown for lunch and enjoy authentic Asian cuisine.

4. Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO):
– Spend the afternoon at the AGO, which houses an impressive collection of Canadian and international art.


5. Harbourfront Centre:
– Make your way to the Harbourfront Centre for a relaxing evening by the lake. Enjoy the views, catch a live performance, or visit one of the art galleries.

 Day 3: Nature and Neighborhoods


1. Toronto Islands:
– Take a ferry to the Toronto Islands for a morning of outdoor activities. Rent a bike, take a leisurely walk, or relax on the beaches.


2. Leslieville:
– Return to the mainland and explore Leslieville, a trendy neighborhood with cool cafes, antique shops, and a laid-back vibe. Have lunch at one of the local brunch spots.

3. Riverdale Farm:
– Visit Riverdale Farm, a working farm in the heart of the city, to see farm animals and enjoy the scenic surroundings.


4. The Danforth (Greektown):
– End your day in The Danforth, also known as Greektown. Enjoy a delicious Greek dinner at one of the many restaurants and take a stroll along the vibrant Danforth Avenue.

Day 4: Hidden Gems and Relaxation


1.Evergreen Brick Works:
– Start your day at Evergreen Brick Works, a community environmental center with a farmer’s market, hiking trails, and art installations.

2. Casa Loma:
– Visit Casa Loma, a historic castle with beautiful gardens and fascinating exhibits.


3. High Park:
– Spend your afternoon at High Park, Toronto’s largest public park. Explore the trails, visit the zoo, and enjoy a picnic by Grenadier Pond.


4. Little Italy:
– Conclude your trip with a visit to Little Italy. Savor authentic Italian cuisine for dinner and experience the lively nightlife with local bars and cafes.

 Tips for Traveling Like a Local:

– Use Public Transit: Toronto’s TTC is a reliable way to get around the city. Consider getting a day pass for unlimited travel.
Walk and Bike: Toronto is a walkable and bike-friendly city. Use Bike Share Toronto to rent bikes.
Attend Local Events: Check out local event listings for festivals, concerts, and community events happening during your visit.
– Explore Diverse Neighborhoods: Each neighborhood has its own unique character and charm. Don’t hesitate to venture off the beaten path.

Enjoy your trip to Toronto!






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