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Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls: An Introduction to Genocide

This narrative of Canada is manufactured for good reason, no sovereign nation would willingly admit to ongoing genocide against Indigenous Peoples, including First Nations, Inuit and Métis, which especially targets women, girls, and 2SLGBTQQIA people. Without genuine and persistent accountability by provincial and federal governments, there will be no justice for Indigenous peoples.

Monica Bassili
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Harassment Against Racialized, Muslim Women

Provincial, municipal, and federal governments have failed to advocate against gender-based violence against religious and ethnic minorities. Missing from national media and feminist organizations are efforts to bring awareness and support to violence against women, including intersections of racial and religious conflict. These intersectional lenses, unfortunately, are not appealing to Albertans and Canadians experiencing post 9/11 impacts. Canada’s no-fly list disrupted and traumatized Arabs across Canada and reflected the country’s intense political will to enforce institutional racism blatantly.

Ladies Corner Magazine Fall Edition
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Ladies Corner Magazine Causes Ripples

Features in this edition include, a main piece which focusses on the economic recovery made by the UCP government in Alberta, seniors and their finances, Black Canadian Businesses in Action,  Racial Inequality and Black Economic Reset by Sharif Haji, the Executive Director of Africa Centre and more. At LCCMedia, we pride ourselves in covering issues that are relatable and tangible in the community. Whilst are seen in some circles as academic, we hope to bring you features on beauty, fashion and holistic wellbeing. 

To every Canadian woman, we are your voice.

Monica Bassili
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Women and the Monstrous Menstruation Cycle

Isolation is a significant outcome of period misinformation and lack of resources. Rather than going to work, school, or community and social events, women are forced to isolate themselves due to a lack of menstrual products or knowledge of managing menstruation. In addition, community initiatives and organizations pursuing equality in products provided to women often fall short of concrete policy. 

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Business Woman of the Week | Annie from Estrada Fitness

I am the founder and creator of Estrada Fitness! I have been a Fitness and Nutritional coach since 2011 and have helped hundreds of people like you, transform their lives by giving them the fundamentals needed to live a fit, healthy and happy life. I offer many personal training services from; in person to virtual one on one to Bootcamps, workout & nutrition programming!