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Vaccine Literacy Information Session at 6pm MST

We present an opportunity to get all your questions answered.  Knowledge is the new money. Get empowered. Get armed by hearing from people in your community about what Covid 19 is and the different types of vaccines that there are.

Will the vaccine give you the options you need? Will the vaccine turn you into a zombie? Will the vaccine make you infertile? Will the vaccines affect your sex life? Will the vaccines make you infertile? So many questions to be answered. 

Join the conversation at 6pm MST. Knowledge is the new money!

Register here: 

Tunde Obasan, Chairman of Conservative Black Congress of Canada
Blog Events

Tunde Obasan on The Launch of Conservative Black Congress of Canada on January 24th

The Conservative Black Congress of Canada is a not-for-profit organization that recognizes the need to establish a political outreach to the Black communities in Canada. Their mission is to encourage Black Canadians to get more involved in politics and to create programs for youths to increase awareness and groom them for political positions in the […]


ZAA Canada Edition |Edmonton’s Celebrity Talkshow Host Amanda Nothando On The Red Carpet

Amanda Nothando is the CEO of Monumental Arts Network and the host of the Amanda Nothando Show. Earlier this year, she was nominated for two awards at the Zimbabwe Achievements Awards, the Canadian version. The video shows Amanda on the red carpet interviewing the Zimbabwean celebrities who came for the event. A pleasant and entertaining […]


The School of Women In Ministry Registration Ongoing | October Resumption | Payment Plans Available

Originally developed by Pamela Heim (previous Director of Women’s Ministries at the Baptist General Conference US, now Converge) for women involved in leading women’s ministries, this training was launched in Canada in 2002. Since the first Canadian school in Langley, BC, over 100 women from a range of Christian denominations and diverse ministries across Western […]