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Re-imagine With Tee- A Weekly Column

Re-imagine With Tee-


Epiphany | Re- Imagine with Tee Adeyemo

I should have the confidence that the work I am doing with her will be enough for when she has her first kiss and her first wins. And whatever else life brings.

I know somehow, I  will suffer for all I did to my mum: I don’t call as often as I should etc. Femi will do the same. She will call when she wants to.  If we quarrel, I would apologize quickly, so she does not write me off.

Perhaps, thinking about tomorrow, I can soften some of my hardline stance around bedtime etc.

Reimagine with Tee Adeyemo | Weekly Column

Re-Imagine | The Colours of Extreme Poverty

If a BIPOC woman was cleaning out the leftovers into her bag, you would sympathize with her and observe that times are indeed hard. You would ask her to call 311, 211 and offer her a list of charities where she can get food.

This was a Caucasian man in his thirties. I have tried to research supports for single men in Edmonton and I am coming short. If you know any more than I do, I would like to understand what the supports are for men who live in extreme poverty.

Perhaps, that would not have bothered you. Do you think of this as naive? Let me know what you think.

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