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The Power of a Song - Tee Adeyemo

The Power of a Song – You kept my heart alive

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Chandler Moore’s latest single, Lead Me On, was an epiphany for my soul.

Songs have existed for as long as mankind has existed; they primarily serve as a door to the unseen energies out there—for Christians, that’s God.

Something about Chandler’s song brought my heart back to life. I felt such strong emotions that provoked me to write again.

So here we are after a hiatus.

We are writing again.


Let’s say the song brought me back to life. It reminded me of when I played the saxophone in accompaniment with the piano. It was beautiful. It felt like heaven, but that was like a lifetime ago.

When I get into a song, it becomes the song of the moment or season for me. Like an elixir, I can’t stop listening to Lead Me On; it’s ‘doing it for me.’

So, what will I be writing about? At this stage, I could muse on anything that catches my attention once a week. Topics are not limited to politics, leadership, and entrepreneurship but also life.

Today, I would like to focus on the power of little things to ignite a reset in the heart. The power of a beat, the lyrics of a song,  the power in a song.

Yet many of us have hearts that are no longer living.

We have grown complacent.

Or weary and tired.

Or overwhelmed.

Or trying to heal from a broken heart.

Or in a flux of uncertainty.

Or dealing with cancer.

Or a bad boss.

Or a bad credit report.

Or a draining relationship.

Or toxic kids.

Or mountains here and there.

Disappointment after disappointment has a way of stagnating the heart

The song is a cry to carry on with faith in the Lord Jesus. To take little steps forward by faith and let God lead you.

The song woke me up, but I hadn’t been sleeping. A part of me had grown stiff and stagnant. Life had become monotonous and boring.

The song loosened something. 

See, I am writing again…

My takeaway

There is beauty after a storm, life after death, healing after disease, and the sun always comes out. 

There is calm after a tornado; things won’t always remain the same. This, too, shall pass. He is a God of multiple chances.

I am here to reflect on the different twists and turns of life. I would like to muse on the magic of the late sunset, the mysteries of flies in the back garden and the weeds that keep coming back. I would like to muse on the fact that God leads his children through thick and thin. He is still healing and able to work through our hurts and pains. He doesn’t always do away with our suffering but he gives us the grace to bear it, walking through it with us.  

So, thank you, Chandler, for this song.

To healing and peace. Your song brought my heart back to life:)

What brings your heart back to life?

Here is the song:


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