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Black History Month

5 Artists 1 love at the AGA – Events you must attend

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5 Artists 1 Love is an exceptional annual event during Black History Month, celebrating the rich artistic diversity of Edmonton’s African-Canadian communities. Spanning regions from Angola to Zanzibar, Togo to Tobago, and Brazil to Barbados, this event is a vibrant testament to the cultural tapestry of the African diaspora. Featuring an impressive array of art, design, music, dance, and poetry, the exhibition aims to both spotlight emerging talent and honor established artists. It’s a platform dedicated to fostering global African arts and cultures, as well as a tribute to the brilliance of African-Canadian artists.

Now in its 17th year, with 12 of those celebrated at the AGA, “5 Artists 1 Love” continues to draw artists not only from across Canada but also from Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Jamaica. This year, the exhibition again spotlights five African-Canadian artists, showcasing their distinct styles and visions shaped by their global and local experiences.

“Introducing the 5 selected artists to be featured in their 2024 exhibit! These incredible artists, each with their own unique voice, will soon have their works featured in the Art Gallery of Alberta in a stunning display of visual art.


See the exhibition from January 20 – March 4/2024 at the AGA, and celebrate the exhibition with us at the All Black Wear Gallery Affair on January 27! Both events will be free of charge to attend ✨

? Macha Abdallah is a Canadian multi-disciplinary artist based in Edmonton, Alberta, known for acrylic, digital, and mural art. She has worked on collaborative public art projects including the Lulu Lane Alley Mural, and continues to explore various styles of work including portraits, landscapes and semi-abstract imagery.

? Martin Kwame is a self-taught photographer from Eldoret, Kenya. He is a multifaceted artist with nearly a decade of experience in portraiture, lifestyle and event photography. Martin prides himself on using his talents to leave a positive impact on the world he lives in and aims to create stunning images in this beautiful city.

✨Lorelle’s art centres on identity and emotion, inspired by her first-generation Canadian background and Mauritian/Jamaican heritage. She uses unconventional materials to create objects that are often playful and that celebrate individuality.

?️ Anthony Chinedu Ezeifedi, born in Lagos, Nigeria, was raised in the vibrant cultures of Lagos and Anambra. His artistic practice spans multiple disciplines including advertising, printing, painting, charcoal drawing, illustration, design, and branding.

? Edmonton-based visual artist Miguel Matthews, born in Guyana, began his art journey at age 9, teaching himself to draw comics. From watercolor to oil paint, he’s mastered various mediums, including spray paint, ink on skin, watercolour, and oil paint. He is a multifaceted individual passionate about being creative.



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