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Free MasterClass for Kids | Rising Above Trauma | 24th July

The Masterclass provides a safe place for our  children to open up about their experiences of microaggressions and racism. Here are is why you need to sign up your kids. Racism is real. It is not some imagined nonsense from lazy minds. It can leave scars. And wounds.  Here are some examples of what black children deal with in their classrooms and in the play grounds of their schools. 

When you are called a ‘chimpanzee’ or an orangutan by your friends at school and the teacher never sees it happen. Here are some uncomfortable examples.

When your sandwich is ridiculed at school.

When your teachers set low expectations for your kids.

When your kids spend more time in the school corridors or in the restroom than in class actually learning.

When your child does not want to go to school.

When your child wants to have a light skin.

When your child stops talking.

When your child stays in their room every day after school.

The NoticeBoard | Your Business Megaphone | Volume 8

LCCMedia is pleased to announce the arrival of its weekly announcement platform – The NoticeBoard. Now in its eighth week, the NoticeBoard is Alberta’s Megaphone for business. If you would like a show in our weekly bulletin, please email: info@lccmediafoundation.ca. At the moment, it is free for you to advertise in the NoticeBoard. 

LCCMEDIA Foundation  is launching a vaccine literacy campaign with Edmonton Community Foundation and the Foundation for Black Communities. That campaign is launching Monday 19th July 2021. To help with that, we are joining the efforts by the Africa Centre and Black Canadian Women in Action to highlight that they have vaccination programs on July 19th for the African Centre and July 16th, 23rd and 30th for Black Canadian Women in Action. 

Yeg Vaccinations and Fishing for Children | NoticeBoard – Volume 7

With more spaces offering vaccines, LCCMedia’s Notice Board is proud to be able to highlight where you can get your jabs across the city. In a new initiative, Black Canadian Women in Action (BCW) and Canada Home Care Group are offering Edmontonians the opportunity to get vaccinated. The Africa Center is offering children the opportunity to learn how to fish. Fishing in many parts of the world is regarded as a middle class sport, so it appears an amazing opportunity for our kids to learn this ancient sport. Fishing, also called angling, the sport of catching fish, fresh water or saltwater, typically with rod, line and hook. Like hunting, fishing originated as a means of providing food for survival. Fishing as a sport is of considerable antiquity.

Nominate a Woman a Day with Katie Stanners | Top 100 Women in Canada

I think there is a lot of negativity out there in social media land. Feels like a lot of people competing with each other and I wanted to be apart of the woman a day project because I wanted to spread positivity and inspire others. Creating a network and community of inspirational women doing great things in our community. A place where we can celebrate our victories together, champion each other and lift each other up. A network of amazing women that supports each other. Women supporting women is a beautiful thing. I also am a huge believer in supporting local businesses so it’s a great way to showcase some female run companies/businesses in our area. 

The Scourge on Indigenous Communities | Panels with Mary Thomas

The panelists were Flora Northwest, a Samson Cree Nation Elder who belongs to the Maskwacis community. She is also a residential school survivor.  Shawna J Serniak is an Indigenous International Speaker, Founder of Every Woman Empowered, YouTube Personality and Host of Chick Chit Chat and Founder of Project Change MMIW and the charity Every Woman Empowered Endowment Fund. Shawna was recognized by Alberta’s Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women for her community leadership and acts of service. Chelsea Vowel is a professor at the University of Alberta and Dan Johnstone is a Canadian anti-poverty and social activist and community organizer. He is also know as Can Man Dan. He is running for City Council on October 18th 2021.

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