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Urban Indigenous Women and a Continuation of Genocide

Racism against Indigenous peoples has been described as “pervasive, debilitating, limiting, suffocating, unending, violent, [and] demeaning.” The experiences and stories of Indigenous women, in particular, are disregarded and cited as a one-off situation. Coupled with stereotypes against Indigenous people and women, Indigenous women experience racism on all levels and structures of Canadian settler society – both institutional and individual. Racial, ethnic, and gendered barriers do not end at institutions but also geography. 


Edmonton Mayoral Forums – All You Need To Know

The idea from this article came from something I saw on Sprawl Alberta. I have spent the evening, trying to update all the Mayoral Candidate Forums. I know there are several forums missing. So, please update me. My email is

Each of these candidates have worked hard no doubt in letting the general public know their priorities. They have had their share of  banter at these forums which have been useful in telling us about their policies.

With elections on Monday, October 18th, if you are still undecided, perhaps watching a few of these will help you make up your mind.

Monica Bassili

Women and Sexual Violence: A Story of Resistance and Resurgence

Despite the sexual violence crisis and the issue of perceiving women negatively require a collective approach, the solutions must emphasize individual efforts. In any collaborative environment, whether work, school, or a social group, at least one person should challenge the presentation of women’s experiences in sexual violence. In this sense, irrespective of gender or race, individuals need to change the narrative and enable greater trust and respect for women who speak to their experiences. By challenging dominant discourses, individuals can empower themselves and their communities through meaningful conversations and mutual understanding.