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Tee Adeyemo

Photocredit: Jacqueline Biollo

That New Car Smell | Jacqueline Biollo, MBA, ICD.D

Regardless of the assortment of exotic animal hides that can be used for leather, most come from cows, sheep, pigs, and goats. The unique characteristics of leather, such as its texture, durability, comfort, and appearance, make it popular with consumers and an ideal choice for manufacturing any number of products.

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Chocolate as a currency | Jacqueline Biollo, MBA, ICD.D

But even with all the money in the world, statistics have shown that many are still not happy, satisfied, or fulfilled. Others, like lottery winners or day traders, or those who have come into substantial amounts of money through an inheritance or legal settlement, are often unprepared or lack the financial literacy skills to make strategic and sustainable decisions with their money. Often spending it on luxury items that depreciate over time instead of making investments that could appreciate.

Photo credit: Garth Prince

Juno Award winner Garth Prince on his Juno award and more

I felt happy for the people who believed in me. I always believed in my ability to create high-quality music, but like a tree, I needed the right environment to reach my full potential. My support came from family, funding bodies like The Edmonton Arts Council, and my Canadian band members, who trusted my artistic leadership. Music teachers supported my growth by booking me to perform and teach workshops in schools.  

Giselle General hosts Yeg Updates monthly with LCCMedia

Big Conversations with Giselle General tonight at 8pm

City Council made a decision recently that children under the age of 12 can ride transit for free even if they are not accompanied by a fare-paying adult. These are ongoing updates about making transit accessible for all. In the past, children needed to pay a cheaper fare, and then not too long ago, they can ride transit for free, but only if they are accompanied by an adult who is paying. The administration is expected to present a revised transit fare policy during November budget discussions.
Since winter is here and snow has stuck on the ground, the City announced improvements to the Snow and Ice control process, where the goals are better consistency, more equipment, more frequent maintenance in residential areas, additional sandboxes and changes with cutting back on windrows after getting a lot of complaints from last year. The Parking Ban notification process has also improved; anyone can sign up for an automated email reminder, the city website will have reminders, and public transit buses will continue to have it on their digital signs. 
Also, due to the weather, the city usually stops construction once the snow stays on the ground. The city has wrapped up its 2022 capital

Bassili, Monica

Looking at Cop26 | Women, the Environment, and the Power of Innovation

The following explanation is not to pull the “gender card” or label every issue as gendered. Instead, the statistics speak for themselves. Over 80 percent of people displaced by climate change are women and children. Further, only one percent of the world’s largest farms own and operate more than 70 percent of farmland globally. Thus, not only are women and girls disproportionately dispossessed, but they are also inherently losing their rights and access to land. 

While challenging environmental and social circumstances, women, Indigenous people, and local communities are often the “caretakers” of well-being, sustainable livelihoods, biodiversity preservation, biocultural conservation, and social justice. Because of women’s social and economic positionality, increased responsibilities and assumed roles are imposed on women, making them the best candidates for tackling climate change. 

City of Edmonton and Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities provide opportunities

The City of Edmonton has finalized a partnership agreement with Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities (Jumpstart) to provide more opportunities for youth to participate in sport and recreation. Through the partnership, the organizations look forward to working together to plan and introduce new programming and activities at the Clareview Community Recreation Centre in an effort to increase access for marginalized and vulnerable groups. 

Feeling Under the Weather? Here is how you fight back!

Booking immunization appointments

Influenza and COVID-19 vaccines are available at participating pharmacies and community medical clinics and select AHS sites. Bookings are available through the Alberta Vaccine Booking System at or by calling Health Link at 811.

Some pharmacies can accommodate walk-ins. If your local pharmacy is not listed in the booking system, contact them directly or visit to find a pharmacy near you.

Individuals who live on a First Nations reserve can access immunization appointments through nursing stations or public health clinics on-reserve.

Photocredit: Igwsabinaalonso

Rethinking the Weight Loss Trend in People of Color

Weight loss trends revolve around the idea that by reducing your calorie intake, you can lose weight faster. However, banking too much of your weight loss journey on not eating so that you don’t hit your daily calorie limit can be harmful for your body and immune system, making you more susceptible to diseases. Modern weight loss programs don’t consider calories as the be-all and end-all anymore. Protein, fiber, natural and added sugars, as well as saturated and unsaturated fats, are all components towards a healthier pattern of eating, and should be balanced appropriately.

Aside from healthier eating, modern weight loss programs will also recommend non-dietary changes to help you achieve weight loss over time, so you won’t develop a negative relationship with food. Things like getting adequate, good quality sleep and doing regular exercises are just as important to maintaining a healthy body, and they won’t stop you from getting the nutrients you need to be fit too.

City of Edmonton appoints Nigerian as police commissioner

David Sowemimo is a practicing lawyer at the law firm of James H. Brown & Associates. He earned his Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) and Juris Doctor (J.D) degrees from the University of Manitoba before moving to Edmonton and completing his articles. He was called to the Alberta bar in 2016 and is a member of the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association. David was a finalist in the Canadian Lawyer magazine’s Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers 2020 award and believes in giving back to the community.


Bullying Awareness Week | #BekindAB

Here are a few ways you can take part in Bullying Awareness Week:

share bullying prevention resources on social media
the Bullying Helpline (310-1818) is available 24/7 in over 170 languages
start a discussion with your friends, family or coworkers about how to intervene
write a letter or email to the editor of your local newspaper or radio station about the importance of promoting healthy relationships

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