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Top 100 Women In Canada – Samira Hamana Launches Two Books

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Samira Hamana is a woman that wears many hats. She is an author, certified life and business coach, HR professional, Educator, and Designer. She is a business case award-winning, nominated as muslimah of the year ,and Amazon influencer. Samira Hamana is very active in her community and she is serving on several not-for-profit boards. She is a passionate advocate for anti-bullying and domestic violence survivors. She also loves to help women to succeed. Recently, she published two storybooks “Mom loves me more” and “The king of Gold”. Mom loves me more deals with the constant fight that children have when it comes to their mother’s love. Whereas, The King of Gold , helps children to understand that diversity , skills, resources and knowledge are more important than Gold .

Samira is also the author of Challenging the Bully– The book is about a girl who had a dream to be a skating star, but she was bullied because of her physical appearance. Her mother helped her to believe in herself and defeat bullies. Bullying has a negative impact on children, and this story will help you to tackle this issue. Bullying is a nasty experience on the nerves and to be experienced. It can be hard to determine the difference between the two as bullying is often prompted by racism. In Alberta, it appears the establishment is still unable to admit that racism is a lived reality by black people in Alberta.

In light of the recent bullying and racist incident against a black African, story telling which captures the heart of these issues cannot be over estimated. You can support Samira Hamana by buying her books for Mothers Day. Mother’s Day is on the 8th of May in Canada.


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