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Black Business Edmonton

Black Business rules Edmonton with Ibukun Orefuja

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Black Business Rules Edmonton with Ibukun Orefuja


Ibukun, the founder of Black Business Edmonton (BBE), is deeply committed to fostering community growth and unity. Driven by a recognized need within the community, he leveraged his IT skills to create a digital platform that connects and highlights Black businesses. This year, they celebrated their first anniversary.

Ibukun Orefuja, Black Business Edmonton
Ibukun Orefuja, CEO, Black Business Edmontoin

BBE is a self-funded initiative that promotes Black businesses, talents, and events in Edmonton, providing a showcase for what these enterprises offer to individuals, organizations, and the broader community. The platform not only aims to support these businesses but also enriches the entire Edmonton area.

What sets Black Business Edmonton apart is its focus on connecting business owners specifically within Edmonton, distinguishing it from other groups that support Black businesses. BBE’s success over the past year, such as assisting new businesses in expanding their influence and capacity, underscores its impact.

Despite facing challenges, particularly in gaining community support initially, Ibukun’s perseverance has paid off. He started by reaching out to his network via social media and gradually built trust within the community, enhancing business profiles with strategic keywords and engaging content. His initial goal was to reach 500 businesses, but the platform grew to include over double that number by year-end.

BBE has enabled businesses that previously lacked physical locations to establish them. It has also connected mental health professionals with the community to support mental wellness initiatives. Entrepreneurs who were previously part-time have now transitioned to full-time roles in their businesses. Looking forward, BBE plans to launch a job portal and resume services for newcomers and will offer workshops on financial literacy and insurance. Empowering the youth is also a key goal for the upcoming year.

As BBE reflects on its achievements, including promoting over 200 businesses and hosting significant events like Africanival and the Black Business Expo, it remains a pivotal force in the community. The celebration event on Saturday, January 27th, featured dignitaries and keynote speakers, highlighting BBE’s contributions and its vision for future growth. For more information on events, visit their Facebook, Instagram, or website at

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