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Author, Samira Hamira | Challenging The Bully | Support for Bullied Children

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The longer a child is bullied, the more likely they are to develop psychological scars that can last a life time. Bullying can be devastating leaving children withdrawn, shy and insecure. Sometimes, they suffer from stomach aches, headaches and panic attacks, often do poorly at school due to loss of focus and confidence.

Samira Hamana decided to do something about bullying in schools after her son suffered from bullying. She wrote a book titled ‘Challenging the Bully’to help parents start the conversation about bullying with their children.

The book also gives children tools to combat bullying. Samira noted that immigrant and refugee children are more likely to suffer from bullying than other kids. They get bullied because they may speak other languages, look different or have a different religion.

You must buy the book. Bullying in Schools is too big a problem to leave to teachers in schools. Start talking to your kids now. You can find the book in  Edmonton Public Libraries and in school across the city.

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