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Edmonton Short Film Festival Anniversary

Edmonton Short Film Festival Anniversary | October 15th

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Today October 15th is the 10th year anniversary in honour of the Edmonton Short Film Festival.

The festival has supported Edmonton’s young and seasoned filmmakers with its classes, workshops and competitions. Alberta has a history of made in Alberta, from -blockbusters to award-winning pictures that stretch the envelope of creativity and artistic vision.

Filmmakers are encouraged annually to submit films under 15 minutes to be shown at the festival. Entrants can develop their skills, develop their reputation and connect with an expanded audience.

The short nature of these projects requires filmmakers to sharpen and refine their vision to crystalize their message.

Telling a complete story with a beginning, middle and end in only 15 minutes is a challenge for any filmmaker, regardless of experience. It is an opportunity that gives budding filmmakers a completed project to be proud of and challenges more experienced filmmakers to be original while revisiting the basics.


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