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Edmonton Writer and Filmmaker | Brandon Rhiness | Raises Funds For Film I’m Haunted

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There is so much about Brandon Rhiness. 

Here is what is on his IMDb page: Brandon Rhiness is a writer and filmmaker from Edmonton, Canada. He also writes and publishes comic books and graphic novels through Higher Universe Comics, a company he co-founded. Brandon has written in various genres and mediums including film, TV, reality and web series. 

What is consistent everywhere on the internet is his likeability and his writing skills developed over the course of two decades through sheer hard work.

One of his latest projects which he is fundraising for is I'm Haunted. Please support Brandon by visiting his page for more information. They intend to make it to a web series and later make into a full-length film. 

Brandon joins Tee on the Extended Show on the 27th of September 2019.



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