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Heart2heart | A Collaborative Talk Show | Madhu Pillay, Amanda Nothando and Tee Adeyemo

In what is seen as the first of its kind in Edmonton, three friends have come together to create a Youtube based talk shows on life as they see it. What does this mean? The idea is to have three women from three very diverse backgrounds deliberate on such topics as climate change, religion, xenophobia in South Africa, technological advancements and so on.

The three women are Madhu Pillay of Yegeventsblogger, Amanda Nothando of the Amanda Nothando Show and Tee Adeyemo from Their first show premiered on Sunday and it was a frank update into current xenophobic attacks in South Africa. Their second episode features an interview with Tania Turner an Instagram plus-size model. With this, they hope to make sense of the pros and cons of being a plus-size model. Subscribe to  them here: Heart2heartyeg


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