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Kirsten Macdonell | Co-founder YegBossBabes | The Power Of Our Communities

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We had Kirsten Macdonell, co-founder Of Yegbossbabes on the sofa with Tee today.
Yegbossbabes is, of course, the networking and marketing giant whose soft approach to supporting businesswomen make them leaders in the industry.

Yegbossbabes launched only two years ago filling a gap in the market: business support. Today, they have over 14k followers on Instagram. Have a listen to the interview here.

The most inspiring bit was when Kirsten talked about how her friends and families rallied around her to get Yegbossbabes to a flying start. Without the power of their connections, it doesn’t appear like you can get far with business in Edmonton. Having said that, the community they have created is warm, supportive and loving. Check out their Open Day on the 1st of October and their Fall Mixer.

With thanks to CancomR Corporation and Yoleen Anderson for sponsoring the show.

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