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Women's Economic Recovery Challenge Grant

Women’s Economic Recovery Challenge Grant Program

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The Women’s Economic Recovery Challenge Grant addresses areas of concern for women entrepreneurs and supports organisations working to increase women’s participation in the economy.

Eligible community groups and organisations can apply until January 12, 2022.

The Women’s Economic Recovery Challenge Grant Program funds initiatives led by Alberta non-profit organizations that help enhance women’s economic opportunities by providing strategies and solutions to address barriers and engage more effectively in the economy.

Eligible applicants

Non-profit organizations may apply if they meet this criteria:

  • registered non-profit for a minimum of 2 years
  • demonstrate at least 2 years of relevant experience in delivering community-based supports for economic growth
  • ability to implement a grant agreement

Eligible non-profits include, but are not limited to:

  • First Nations or Métis communities in Alberta
  • community organizations
  • municipalities, including municipal districts
  • economic development organizations
  • industry associations

Eligible projects

For a project to be eligible under the program, it must create a measurable impact or positive outcome in at least one of these focus areas:

  • increasing the representation of women and girls in STEM
  • increasing female entrepreneurship
  • decreasing the challenges women face in the workplace
  • helping women transition to a new career
  • supporting inclusive employer training
  • updating employment skills


The funding range for each approved project is:

  • minimum funding: $25,000
  • maximum funding: $250,000

Justification for all eligible costs must be included alongside each budget line item in the comments and explanation column on the budget sheet.

Eligible expenses

  • travel expenses (meals, accommodation, parking, essential travel in Alberta to implement the project)
  • materials, printing of materials, and project supplies (items directly needed to carry out the proposed project)
  • communication costs (advertising, marketing and communication expenses)
  • project planning, administration and overhead costs
  • other expenses (any other costs will be approved if deemed to be direct and necessary for the successful implementation of the proposed project – see Budget Template (XLS, 24 KB) for more information)

How to apply

Step 1. Review the grant guidelines

Step 2. Fill out the application form, implementation plan and budget form

Step 4. Submit the application package

Email your completed application to by January 12, 2022.


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