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Mandatory Isolation Requirement for fully vaccinated people reduces to 5 days.

Effective Today | Alberta Reduces Isolation Period to 5 Days

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Effective today

The Province -in line with other jurisdictions – is reducing the mandatory isolation period for fully vaccinated people who contract COVID-19 to five days from the current 10. This was announced by the Health Minister Jason Copping on Friday. Fully vaccinated people are required to wear a mask at all times when around others outside their home.

Isolation helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 by reducing the number of people you could infect if you have symptoms or test positive by staying home and avoiding others.

Effective January 3, Albertans are legally required to isolate as outlined below:

  • Fully vaccinated (2 doses or 1 dose Janssen): Isolate for 5 days from the start of symptoms or until they resolve, whichever is longer, if symptoms are not related to a pre-existing condition. For 5 days following isolation, wear a mask at all times when around others outside of home.
  • Not fully vaccinated (1 dose or less): Isolate for 10 days from the start of symptoms or until they resolve, whichever is longer, if symptoms are not related to a pre-existing condition.
  • If you test negative and have symptoms, you should still stay home and away from others until symptoms resolve.

Quarantine limits potential spread from people who have been exposed to COVID-19 but have not yet developed symptoms or tested positive.

  • Close contacts of positive cases are no longer required to quarantine for 14 days.

Why we need to isolate or quarantine

COVID-19 can take up to 14 days to cause symptoms. Some people who get it only have minor symptoms or don’t have any symptoms at all but could still be infectious. By staying home, it lowers the chance of spreading the virus to others.

When to quarantine

  • Close contacts of positive cases are not required to quarantine, but should:

Mandatory restrictions

These restrictions must be followed if you are in mandatory isolation or quarantine.

  • Stay home – do not leave your home or attend work, school, social events or any other public gatherings.
  • Avoid close contact with people in your household, especially seniors and people with chronic conditions or compromised immune systems.
  • Do not take public transportation like buses, taxis or ride-sharing – this is prohibited.
  • Do not go outside for a walk through your neighbourhood or park. This includes children in mandatory isolation or quarantine.
  • Do not use elevators or stairwells if you live in an apartment building or highrise, you must stay inside your unit. If your balcony is private and at least 2 metres away from your closest neighbour’s, you may go outside on the balcony.
  • Get fresh air in your backyard, if you have one, but you must remain on private property not accessible by others.

This directive is consistent with federal requirements under the Quarantine Act.

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