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Request for Proposals | Supporting Black Canadian Communities (SBCCI)

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As outlined in the spring 2021 Federal Budget, the Government of Canada has announced a $100M investment into the Supporting Black Canadian Communities Initiative (SBCCI). To date, funding has been distributed to hundreds of Black led, Black serving organizations across Canada through direct support for capacity building projects.

Now, the SBCC Initiative is entering an exciting new phase that will create an enduring and critical infrastructure for ongoing support and generative connections to strengthen Black-led and Black-serving organisiations. Four Black-led organisations, Edmonton-based Africa Centre, Montreal-based Groupe 3737 and Toronto-based Tropicana Community Services representing communities across Canada, and led by Halifax-based Black Business Initiative, are developing a platform that will serve as a hub for Black-led and Black-serving organisations. This hub will include an online directory, resources related to loan, grants and investment opportunities, and when calls are active and open, as a platform for intake of grant applications and distribution of direct funding.

Africa Centre's SBCCI | Photocredit Africa Centre
Africa Centre’s SBCCI | Photo credit Africa Centre

They are looking for a Black-led/BIPOC IT consulting firm and/or consortium of consultants from within our community to lead the successful design and implementation of the platform. The platform will have:

  • List of available funding sources and resources
  • Application intake for selected grant, loan and other support programs
  • Organizational directory of Black-led nonprofits, charities & businesses
  • Back-end administrative capabilities and tools for developing a new application intake, review, applicant reporting & funder reporting
  • Interactive map of resources, data analysis and insight generation functionality to inform future policy directions

They are seeking out Black-led/BIPOC IT consulting firms who have established expertise in Low-code/No-code software. Specifically, we will be looking for proposals that propose configuring, integrating and customizing the platform requirements via a low-code/no-code software-as-a-service company (“SaaS provider”). The SaaS provider(s) should be a recognizable market leader with a verifiable company history, clients base, clear pricing model, best-in-class Terms of Service and third-party plug-ins and integrations (e.g. APIs).


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