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Top 20 Resolutions for 2022

Top 20 Goals for 2022

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Happy New Year! We hope it is a good one for you. Here is our top 20 goals for 2022.. share yours with us.

  1. Read more books: January is a great time of the year to commit to reading or to return to the dusty books on your bedside table or in your library.
  2. Drink less alcohol:  reducing your alcohol consumption could improve your mood, sleep, skin and immune system. Plus, the less alcohol you buy, the more money you keep in your wallet.
  3. Quit smoking: Cigarettes are extremely harmful to your health, particularly your lungs. Here are some tips to give up smoking.
  4. Update your look: this could mean changing your hair colour or hair style. Working on your look is a refreshing way to begin 2022.
  5. Join a gym: if you have put this off, its time to commit to a weight loss program. There is no magic to a gym commitment.
  6. Learn a new sport: Or expand your present skills. Some of us swim outside of the deep end in a pool for example. 2022 is the year to ‘skill up’ so you can swim without floats in the deep end of the pool.
  7. Consider therapy: There is always a lot going on and you know you could use the help. You can find a therapist here. These days, therapy is not a luxury. Its a necessity for your mental health.
  8. Start a hobby: what is stopping you from spending more time on your canvas? or with your poems or with dirt biking, skating, cooking or learning a new language? If there were no obstacles, would you consider developing your hobby? Try Somalian food, attend the opera, talk a ceramic painting class, learn a new language.
  9. Give up the sedentary lifestyle: this could mean taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking ten minutes away from your destination so you could get the much needed walk you need.
  10. Try the Alpha course: The Alpha course is an evangelistic course which seeks to introduce the basics of the christian faith through a series of talks and discussions. It is described as an opportunity to explore the meaning of life. Find out more about the Alpha course here.
  11. Plan a break: ….when it is safe to do so. 2022 is the year to explore the globe. There must be somewhere in North America, Australia, Africa or Asia you want to see.
  12.  Drink more water: Hydration is essential and we all know this. Hydration is essential for carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells, flushing bacteria from your bladder, aiding digestion, preventing constipation, stabilizing the heartbeat, normalising your blood pressure,  cushioning joints, protecting organs and tissues. Read more about the benefits of drinking water here.
  13.  Relax: Life is not all about work. Make time to actually chill with friends or with your partner. Be present in those spaces.
  14. Volunteer regularly: Pitching in can reduce your stress levels and your blood pressure. It also makes you feel good and connected to ideas that are beyond yourself.
  15. Think positively: Make a commitment  to your own mental health. Think positive, happy, kind, wholesome and healthy thoughts. Send prayers into the universe and you get back what you give out.
  16. Lift weights: A quality set of dumbbells can help elevate your workout, improve your stamina and build your muscles.
  17. Support independent media like ourselves: with so much to content still to create, we do need help in terms of subscriptions to get new writers and to diversify the voices here. Support the work we do here.
  18. Try a new diet plan: Don’t give up. It’s still possible to lose weight. Healthy fasting is possible for everyone.  Have you tried intermittent fasting? Read more about Fastic here.
  19.  Start a journal: journaling can be a very useful way to keep in touch with your feelings and the document your thoughts. If you don’t have a journal, start now.
  20. Spend time alone: Spending time alone can also be your opportunity  to take care of yourself.

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