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The Inaugural National African Descent Youth (NADY) Summit

The Inaugural National African Descent Youth (NADY) Summit

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Edmonton is set to host a historic event: the first National African Descent Youth (NADY) Summit, scheduled for June 27-28, 2024, at the Westin Hotel. This groundbreaking summit aims to bring together African-descent youth aged 15 to 30 and their allies from across Canada for a two-day gathering focused on exploring culture, identity, and heritage while addressing systemic challenges faced by this community.

The summit features a dynamic program, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, roundtables, and cultural performances. Participants will also engage in community project development to create actionable strategies for fostering support and empowerment for African Descent youth. A comprehensive report with policy recommendations will be produced as a key outcome of the summit.

Empowering African Descent Youth

This summit provides a unique platform for young people to connect, share experiences, and inspire one another. The program is designed to not only highlight the rich cultural heritage and identity of African Descent youth but also to tackle pressing issues such as systemic racism, economic disparities, and social inclusion. By bringing together a diverse group of participants, the summit seeks to build a stronger, more unified community that can advocate for meaningful change at local, provincial, and national levels.

Activities and Engagement

Keynote speeches from prominent figures in the African Descent community will set the tone for the event, offering insights and inspiration. Panel discussions will allow participants to delve into specific topics, sharing knowledge and experiences that can drive collective progress. Workshops will provide practical skills and strategies for personal and professional development, while roundtables will facilitate in-depth conversations on critical issues affecting African Descent youth.

 Day 1: “Who We Are” and “How We Live”

The first day begins with registration and a breakfast buffet, followed by an opening ceremony featuring a live performance by DJ Bangerz and a welcome speech by Dunia Nur, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of ACCEC. Dr. Mohamed Camara’s morning keynote will explore the historical and contemporary dynamics of African-descent cultures and identities.

The “Who We Are” panel will feature discussions on African history, diaspora experiences, and identity negotiation. In the afternoon, workshops will offer hands-on learning in traditional crafts, languages, and culinary arts. Sophie Jama Malindi’s afternoon keynote will address systemic racism and holistic solutions for coping and healing. The day concludes with roundtable discussions on education, healthcare, and social justice, followed by an evening networking event.

 Day 2: “Where We Are Going”

The second day begins with a keynote by Ivan Ngandjui Touko, who will discuss leveraging technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The “Where We Are Going” panel will highlight young African Descent leaders in politics, business, and education. After a lunch break, participants can attend mini professional development talks on career guidance, skill development, and mentorship. The summit concludes with a closing ceremony reflecting on the event’s experiences and learnings, with ACCEC leadership emphasizing ongoing support and engagement.

 Meet the Speakers

Dr. Mohamed S. Camara, Ph.D: Chair of the Department of African Studies at Howard University, Dr. Camara’s expertise spans African history, mass communication, and political science. He is a prolific author and a prominent advocate for African development.

Sophie Jama Malindi: A women empowerment leader with extensive experience in global humanitarian organizations and the United Nations, Malindi is passionate about amplifying the voices of marginalized communities and breaking the silence on inter-generational wounds.

Ivan Ngandjui Touko:A community leader and entrepreneur, Touko founded La Connexional and Black Owned Market Edmonton. He is dedicated to promoting African, Caribbean, and Latin cultures and fostering inclusivity through various social initiatives.

 Inclusivity and Accessibility

The NADY Summit is committed to being inclusive and accessible.

The event is designed to be affordable, with a registration fee of only $30 for youth aged 15-30 and $75 for participants aged 31 and older. The fee includes a two-day summit pass, meals, refreshments, and hotel accommodations for eligible participants. This approach ensures that financial barriers do not prevent interested individuals from attending and benefiting from the summit.

Looking Forward

As Canada’s first of its kind, the NADY Summit represents a significant step forward in supporting and empowering African Descent youth. It offers a crucial opportunity for young people to come together, learn from one another, and develop strategies to address the unique challenges they face. By fostering a sense of community and collective action, the summit aims to inspire a new generation of leaders who can drive positive change and promote equity and inclusion for all.

For more information and to register for the summit, visit the [NADY Summit website

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