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Monica Bassilli

Monica Bassili

Canada’s Cost of Living Crisis | Monica Bassili

As Canada steers towards a path of increasing unaffordability and crises, the lowest economical class is suffering. Edmontonians feel the severity of the mismanaged and corrupt governments and corporations from cutting food costs, selling their car, or moving to a low-income neighbourhood. Not only does the threat of inflation cause personal changes in people’s lives, but it swells into stress, helplessness, and despair. With no clear information, people are increasingly demoralized from the hope of affording to live comfortably. 

Bassili, Monica

Let it Be | Monica Bassili

Now that this challenging relationship has matured, and my mother and I exchange regular phone calls, I have learnt an important lesson: let it be. No matter how many questions or the answers I demand, nothing will change the reality of what has happened. I do not pity my mother; I am not angry with her, I am not disappointed or frustrated, and I am content. I am proud of my mother and am at peace knowing she is living her best life.

Letting it be, however, does not mean ceasing to ask essential questions. After all, without asking questions and opening your mind to new ideas, you risk staying the same, in a state of mediocre satisfaction. I know I can develop these questions without harbouring resentment or anger towards my mother. For this reason, letting it be is not ignorance but rather a deep understanding that knowledge is everywhere. 

Bassili, Monica

Canada, Land of the Identity Crisis | Monica Bassili

Canada is called the “mosaic,” including diverse cultures and identities, yet, this mosaic eerily resembles the United States melting pot. Contrary to national narratives on multiculturalism in Canada, one of the most successful tactics in succeeding personally and professionally is to assimilate. But assimilate into what? 

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