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Reflections from September 30 | The Role of Non-Indigenous People

We invited Mary Thomas to chair a panel to discuss the role and response of non-indigenous people to the residential school trauma. The panelists were the Chair of the Anti-Racism Advisory Committee Shalini Sinha, Councillor Aaron Paquette and Davina Mcleod. The panel hoped to be able to get real with reconciliation. Sinha spoke about recognising and acknowledging the stereotypes and then consciously re-learning the misinformation we have been taught about indigenous people

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Panel with Business Leaders in Edmonton, Calgary and Ontario

Every month, for LCCMedia, Mary Thomas hosts a panel around issues going on in the community. Business Leaders were joined in an indepth conversation about doing business during and after the pandemic in the August Panel. Even though each business is different and unique, every business left the pandemic either better or worse.  

This panel discussion was very robust because the business leaders came to it from very different but relevant perspectives. The panelists were Deborah Cox, the CEO of Microbusiness, Yinka Oladele, the first black owner of a UPS store in Calgary and Sharon Njobo, the CEO of 

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The Scourge on Indigenous Communities | Panels with Mary Thomas

The panelists were Flora Northwest, a Samson Cree Nation Elder who belongs to the Maskwacis community. She is also a residential school survivor.  Shawna J Serniak is an Indigenous International Speaker, Founder of Every Woman Empowered, YouTube Personality and Host of Chick Chit Chat and Founder of Project Change MMIW and the charity Every Woman Empowered Endowment Fund. Shawna was recognized by Alberta’s Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women for her community leadership and acts of service. Chelsea Vowel is a professor at the University of Alberta and Dan Johnstone is a Canadian anti-poverty and social activist and community organizer. He is also know as Can Man Dan. He is running for City Council on October 18th 2021.

Panels with Mary Thomas
Panels with Mary Thomas

Panels with Mary Thomas ~ Food Insecurity in Edmonton ~ Challenges and Possibilities

Whilst the idea of food insecurity to some in Edmonton may seem far fetched and complementary to some, food insecurity is a big deal in Edmonton today. Depending on who you talk to, you are either food secure or you are not. What is food insecurity? The definition of food security refers to the availability of food and […]