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Managing Careers and Roles Whilst Shattering Glass Ceilings ~ A Panel Moderated by Mary Thomas

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Every month, Mary Thomas considers an incisive topic whilst moderating a high powered panel of women. This month, the topic was Managing Careers and Roles Whilst Shattering Glass Ceilings.  The panelists were Janis Irwin, the MLA for Edmonton Highlands Norwood and member of the Alberta New Democratic Party. She is the Official Opposition Deputy Whip and the Critic for the Status of  Women and LGBTQS+ issues. Siba Khumalo is a Director on the Board of the African Centre and the Chairperson for the Zimbabwe Multicultural Association. Ms Khumalo is also a nurse and a community activist passionate about matters of race, equality and equity for Africans based in Edmonton. Keren Tang, is the final panelist. Keren is not a stranger to the Edmonton landscape. At the moment, she is running to be the City Councilor for Ward Karhilo.  Last weekend, as part of a collective, Keren organized ” Building Bridges Against Hate”. This was a walk organized by eight different community organizations. The march was organized  to show solidarity and support following the recent attacks in Atlanta and incidents against Muslim and Black women in Edmonton, Calgary and Canada.

It was a riveting panel, all thirty minutes of it.  The women where asked about how they dealt with barriers to getting through to glass ceilings, how they dealt with racism at work and much more. It means a lot to us for you to subscribe, like and watch our content.  Each of the women had unique stories about how they have experienced the glass ceiling as part of being racialized in Edmonton. Janis Irwin was very emphatic in asking people to speak out when they see instances of racism or white superiority. Keren said she had experienced racism as an Asian with people questioning if she had leadership skills.

The next panel will hold virtually on the 30th of April 2021, at 6pm. It will be an evening with Edmonton’s Top Authors. 


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