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The YegShow with the Akindeles ~ Of Relationships and Marriages

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Pastor Bode and Dr. Florence Akindele joined the Yeg Show to talk about Dr Akindele’s books.
It was an interesting conversation from start to finish. When a couple married for nearly thirty years and been together for nearly forty years, talk about marriage, we ought to listen. For marriage to work, couples need God and they also need to be able to communicate effectively. From the beginning of their marriage, call it old school,  they decided that their marriage would last a life time so they committed to learning all that they needed so that their marriage would work.
A Little Bit About Dr. Kemi Akindele
Florence OluKemi Akindele is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She is a ministry gift to the body of Christ who teaches the Bible with great insight. She is passionate about the restoration of godly families, the total wellbeing of women, victorious Christian living among the next generation.
She has authored four mini books: ‘For us or against us’, ‘A Letter to My Little Girl’, ‘A New Step in the Right Direction’ which she co-authored with her husband, and ‘A Letter to My Pre-teen’. She has created a new 3-book series on issues concerning the family; ‘Family Matters – In the Beginning’, ‘Family Matters – The Essence’, and ‘Family Matters – Towards Harmony’. She recently started a YouTube series called Family Restoration TV (FroTV) and a blog titled ‘Florence Loves Babies’ which features issues around childbirth.
Kemi is a 1991 medical graduate. She became a specialist obstetrician/gynaecologist in 2000 and obtained her master’s degree in public health in 2007. She has worked in various aspects of women’s health and taught in many women’s conferences and churches in Nigeria, Swaziland, South Africa, the UK, Canada and the United States of America.  Dr. Akindele currently practices Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Alberta, Canada.
She is married to Olabode and they are blessed with four children, two sons in-law, and five grandchildren.
Books are available on


  1. Volume 1: In the Beginning A Biblical Perspective on the Origin of Family
  2. Volume 2: The Essence: A Biblical Perspective on the reason for the family
  3. Volume 3: Towards Harmony: A Biblical Perspective on how to achieve team work in the family.




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