Maria Drueco

“We Deliver Training Programs and Workshops on Leadership, Intercultural Training…” Maria Drueco, HR Expert

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Maria is a Human Resource professional with diverse experience and expertise in HR consulting, HR program content development, facilitation, Business Development and Sales and Marketing. After more than 15 years of Sales, Marketing and Business Development experience in the Philippines and in Canada, she then shifted to Human Resources, focusing on developing programs and strategies for positive workplace culture, improve personal effectiveness, enhanced employee engagement and supporting new leaders in the organization.

She is currently the Director and Managing Partner of Consultasia Global – North America, a training and development group with presence in the UK, Asia, Australia and Canada.  She helps organizations through the development and delivery of customized training programs, on Leadership, Business, Sales Coaching. She is passionate in helping immigrants adapt successfully in Canada through trainings and workshops that will help develop the needed competencies to breakdown any barriers of adapting successfully in Canada.

Maria holds two Certificates with Distinction in Human Resources Management and Management Development from the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension. She completed the Strategic Internal Consulting Skills Program from the University of Alberta School of Business Executive Education and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Technology from the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines. She is a member and serves as one of the Directors for IPMA/AIGP Canada where she holds an Advanced Certified Professional Designation, a designation which recognizes individuals who are advanced-level human resource (HR) professionals.

Maria is a Licensed Practitioner with ICQ Global in Canada. As a Licensed Practitioner, she helps coaches, business leaders and professionals develop and improve their cultural intelligence to be better in their chosen profession/ field.

Maria is also seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully built her own travel business, TCB Travel and Tours and its faith based division, Marianatha Tours., a travel agency with 8 Travel Associates. The agency focuses on trips that enriches one’s spiritual wellbeing, health and wellness.

She spoke to Tee recently.


Tell us about your self

My name is Maria Drueco, I came to Canada in 2007 with my family. I have switched careers since my arrival, from being a lab assistant/ technologist, pharmaceutical sales representative, HR professional and consultant to now Director and Managing Partner of ConsultAsia Global – North America. I also own TCB Travel and Tours/ Marianatha Tours, a full-service travel agency with seven independent travel agents working under us.

Why are you in business?
My passion is to help others through the services our businesses provide. I believe that, I am using my God-given talent when I am helping an individual discover their strengths or helping business leaders be better in engaging and increasing productivity of their teams, or helping someone go back to the root of their faith through travel. I ensure that my values reflect on how I do business with others.

How did you get your idea for the business?

I know some people who were already in this business and they inspired me to consider doing it. Before I got into the business, I reflected on my skills and competencies and how I could use it to serve others. I also looked at my passion which includes my love for travelling. Starting my businesses had its own challenges but since I knew I had something to offer, I believed the foundation was a good start. Challenges for me are also a learning opportunity on how to be better…

What services does your businesses offer?

ConsultAsia Global – North America offers business and HR consulting to businesses. We create and deliver training programs and workshops on leadership, intercultural training, sales, customer service, how organizations can improve effectiveness and other HR related topics.

TCB Travel & Tours/ Marianatha Tours offers travel products like tours, cruises, all inclusive, faith based and pilgrimages.

Whom do you seek advice from for your business?

I seek out mentors who have been successful in these businesses. I am blessed to be connected with people and leaders in their field from different countries like  US, UK, Philippines and Australia and of course successful business owners and consultants based in Canada.

Tell us about some of the most exotic places you have been to

Thailand, Mexico, Jamaica, Jordan, and Israel are the places I have been to that I can describe as exotic.

How many employees do you have? What are the qualities you look for during your recruitment process?

I do not exactly have employees, but I have independent contractors who recently joined my agency. Aside from seeing that the person can do the job, I look for people who share the same values, work ethics and passion for learning. These will be the same qualities I would be looking for if I were to hire employees.

Where do you advertise your business?

Print, website, email, word of mouth, social media and with independent stand-alone media like LCCMEDIA.

What are the biggest issues facing your business?

Sustainability of the business – how to ensure you have regular clients who get your services and how to acquire new clients

What is the most valuable lesson you have learnt in business?

Mindset is key… if you have the right mindset, you will learn how to adapt, be resilient and treat failures as learning opportunities.

Where is the hope for your business?

This is a very good question and it made me ponder … Hope for me is part of my strategy in my business – the belief that things could be better and that I can make them better – helps me make meaningful goals and plan for “what ifs. Always striving for excellence and integrity in what I do and how I deliver my services will make a happy and loyal client. It is also important to partner only with reputable suppliers. So, hope for the business is a combination of good partnerships, happy and loyal clients.

I help businesses increase sales and leaders develop high performing teams. Let’s chat on how I can support you in your business.”
MARIA DRUECO, Director/ Managing Partner
ConsultAsia Global – North America
P: 780-707-1683

TCB Travel & Tours/ Marianatha Tours


Maria sponsored LCCMEDIA Magazine Ladies Corner Magazine in 2020


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