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Maria Drueco on The Yeg Show | Promoting Edmonton’s Businesses

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Maria is a Human Resource professional with diverse experience and expertise in HR consulting, HR program content development, facilitation, Business Development and Sales and Marketing. After more than 15 years of Sales, Marketing and Business Development experience in the Philippines and in Canada, she then shifted to Human Resources, focusing on developing programs and strategies for positive workplace culture, improve personal effectiveness, enhanced employee engagement and supporting new leaders in the organization.
She is currently the Director and Managing Partner of Consultasia Global – North America, a training and development group with presence in the UK, Asia, Australia and Canada. She helps organizations through the development and delivery of customized training programs, on Leadership, Business, Sales Coaching. She is passionate about helping immigrants adapt successfully in Canada through training and workshops that will help develop the needed competencies to breakdown any barriers of adapting successfully in Canada.
Maria is also a seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully built her own travel business, TCB Travel and Tours and its faith-based division, Marianatha Tours., a travel agency with 8 Travel Associates. The agency focuses on trips that enriches one’s spiritual wellbeing, health and wellness.
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