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FFBC and the Calgary Stampede

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On Monday, the Foundation for Black Communities (FFBC), in conjunction with the Calgary African Collective (, organized a vibrant Stampede Breakfast in Calgary, bringing together community members for a delightful morning of food, fun, and fellowship. The event was a testament to the rich cultural tapestry and unity within the Black community and beyond.

Attendees were treated to a hearty breakfast featuring traditional delicacies such as Akara, a popular West African bean cake, alongside classic breakfast staples like eggs and pancakes. The diverse menu was a hit, offering a blend of flavors that catered to various tastes and preferences. The breakfast provided not only nourishment but also an opportunity for cultural exchange and appreciation.

Among the notable attendees was former Justice Minister and Deputy Premier Kaycee Madu, who added a significant presence to the event. His participation underscored the importance of community engagement and support for initiatives that promote inclusivity and cultural heritage. Farah Ali, President of the Somali Canadian community, was also present, highlighting the event’s inclusive nature and the collaboration between different cultural groups.

Arielle Kayabaga, another prominent attendee, held a closed-room discussion with community members. This intimate meeting centered around her work and the pressing need for more representation in Ottawa for Black people. During this discussion, attendees were formally introduced to the Calgary African Collective and the impactful work they do within the Calgary community. Arielle Kayabaga, Member of Parliament for London West, Ontario, is known for her advocacy for marginalized communities and her commitment to promoting inclusivity and representation in government. Her participation in the event emphasized the importance of political engagement and community representation.

The atmosphere was electric with camaraderie as guests donned their cowboy hats and bandanas, fully embracing the Stampede spirit. The rustic backdrop featuring a Western-themed setting added to the charm, making it a perfect spot for memorable photos. The lively interactions and shared laughter made the breakfast a truly special occasion.

This Stampede Breakfast was more than just a meal; it was a celebration of community strength, resilience, and unity. Events like these play a crucial role in fostering a sense of belonging and cultural pride. They provide a platform for community members to connect, share stories, and build lasting relationships.

The FFBC’s efforts in organizing such an inclusive and engaging event are commendable. It not only brought joy to the participants but also reinforced the importance of cultural representation and community support. The success of this breakfast serves as a reminder of the power of community events in bringing people together and celebrating diversity in all its forms.

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