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What I have learned about menopause | Jacqueline Biollo

Each woman has, does, and will experience menopause differently. These experiences include responses based on cultural variations and social and psychological determinants. Pay attention to what your body is doing and ‘saying’ to you. Embrace it, make the necessary or appropriate changes to survive and thrive, and seek professional help or consultation if something does not feel right.

Diversity in Alberta's legislature

Diversity in Alberta’s Legislature

It is time to move forward together as all Albertans, no matter who we voted for.” Despite challenges that are sure to lie ahead, Albertans have voted and can look forward to changes, opportunities, and hope for a better tomorrow.

Canada launches new process to welcome skilled newcomers with work experience

With employers eagerly seeking to fill countless vacant positions across the country, immigration emerges as a vital piece to solving this puzzle. Recognizing this reality, the Government of Canada is building an immigration system that acts as a catalyst for growth, empowering businesses, helping address their labour needs and strengthening French communities. When combined, these efforts will ensure Canadians benefit from economic and social prosperity for years to come.

Candidate Forum for Edmonton Glenora

Julian was touched personally by the opioid crisis in 2014 when his brother Danny died of an accidental fentanyl overdose. At that time, he was unfamiliar with the evidence-based treatments for opioid use disorder, safe supply, supervised consumption sites, and the overdose-reversal drug naloxone that could have saved his brother’s life and those of countless others. Sadly, deaths from opioid overdoses are higher today than ever due to failures to introduce and expand access to these life-saving measures.

Danielle Smith is the leader of the United Conservative Part

Moving Alberta Forward with Danielle Smith

I provided Albertans with a Public Health Care Guarantee that under no circumstances will any Albertan ever have to pay out-of-pocket to see their
family doctor or to get the medical treatment they need. All you will ever need is your Alberta Healthcare Card. We’ve also signed a 10-year, $24 billion health care deal with the federal government committing to upholding the principles of the Canada Health Act.

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