$50million Available for Childcare in Alberta
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$50M now available to create child-care spaces

The Alberta Canada Early Learning and Child Care agreement was signed in November 2021. It includes a target to create 42,500 additional spaces in non-profit child-care programs by the end of March 2026.
Alberta has committed to creating 10,000 new non-profit spaces this year.
Between November 2021 and March 2022, more than 1,800 new non-profit spaces have been created in licensed programs that support children from birth to kindergarten.

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Alberta Newcomer Recognition Awards

Alberta is launching the Newcomer Recognition Awards to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of immigrants in this province.

Newcomers contribute to Alberta’s economic recovery and cultural diversity by taking active roles in their communities, schools and workplaces, and by starting their own businesses.

The Alberta Newcomer Recognition Awards will honour these achievements to show appreciation for newcomers and inform people about the ways newcomers make our neighbourhoods, schools and economy more diverse and inclusive.

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Last Known Address | Jacqueline Biollo MBA, ICD.D 

Explore home modifications to enhance safety, consider home  care, personal care, or companion care services. Help or encourage an older person to maintain their  body as healthy as possible. Consult experts and do your research. Don’t make assumptions or isolated decisions.

Use the resources available to help guide your discussions and make educated and informed  decisions. Accept referrals and consider the experience of others. Manage the stress and mental well being of all parties.

Show empathy by being present, listening, acknowledging the aging persons  feelings, refrain from offering unsolicited advice, and work towards an end result that is appropriate  under the circumstances. 

Premier Jason Kenney
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Premier Jason Kenney optimistic for Alberta after resignation announcement

“This is a critical time in Alberta’s history. We are determined to keep our eye on the ball, to continue to lead Canada in economic growth, the job creation, to keep our commitments, to fight for a stronger Alberta”.

“Just last week, we won a historic victory at the Alberta Court of Appeal in the central part of our strategy for a stronger Alberta, which was the four to one decision striking down Justin Trudeau’s No More Pipelines pipelines law, Bill C-69”.

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What the ‘freedom convoy’ reveals about the ties among politics, police and the law

The continuing influx of cash suggests the “freedom convoy” goes beyond some fringe elements of society. For perspective, consider that in 2021, the NDP in Alberta raised $6.2 million in 2021; it’s the highest fundraising ever, while the United Conservatives generated $3.8 million.

The “freedom convoy” is money-generating machinery that rivals several established political parties. Such serious cash means organizers can mobilize effectively and provide supplies to prolong the protest. This wears out law enforcement capacity.

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Support Our Students’ Alberta’s 12 Points Back to School Plan with Barbara Silva

They are public education advocates. Their goal is to inform, organise and equip Albertans on strategies to achieve equitable public education. With RADEducators Network and Abdocs4patients, they created a coalition coming up with a 12 point strategy plan for going back to school in September 2020. They are not a political group, they are passionate […]