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African Communities Engagement Session this Saturday

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The community engagement for the African Multicultural Community Centre (AMCC) facility project aims to enhance the cultural, social, economic, and civic vibrancy of Edmonton communities of African descent. The project’s cornerstone is a community centre set to be established at the former Wellington Junior High School site.

The community engagement process will play a critical role in this project, and the consulting team and the community leaders are integral to the success of this project, as they will play a pivotal role in facilitating communication, organizing events, and advocating for the community’s interests.

The African Multicultural Community Centre aims to be a hub where Edmonton’s diverse African descent communities can unite to celebrate culture, share experiences, access essential services, and empower one another. It’s a space that fosters community unity, growth, and resilience.

The centre will serve as a multifunctional space offering cultural events, educational programs, wellness services, and economic resources tailored to our community’s needs. It will empower us with a sense of belonging, increased access to opportunities, and a platform to amplify our voices.

The proposed location for this centre is the former Wellington Junior High School located on 127th Street.

The AMCC is designed to be inclusive and will celebrate the diversity of all peoples of African descent within Edmonton. Its mission is to foster unity while recognizing and respecting every group’s unique cultures and traditions. We acknowledge the richness of our diversity and are dedicated to celebrating the contributions of every cultural background within our community.

Several intersections representing the diverse cultures and groups within the Edmonton African community are being engaged. The objective is to capture as many perspectives as possible to make the AMCC truly representative.


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